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Exploring Daredevil – Episode 182

25 Responses to “Exploring Daredevil – Episode 182”

  • El_Tizz:

    I really liked the episode – watched it over on the Escapist – too impatient to wait. It’s just a pity that you didn’t include anything on the new (and really great) Netflix-Devil. But you definitely got me interested in the DC (the theatrical cut was very mediocre…). Keep up the good stuff!

    • Cecil:

      Awesome thanks! I was working on this while the new Daredevil Netflix show premiered and just didn’t have the time to watch it. So I just decided to keep the focus on the movie and not go into the show at all.

  • Keith:

    Great video Cecil…I really enjoyed this one. I’ll have to track down the director’s cut of Daredevil based on your recommendation. Is there a director’s commentary track for the better cut of the movie?

    I didn’t hate this movie when it came out, just disappointed with it in spite of how good the cast was (except for Jennifer Garner…can’t stand her).

    As for Blade: Trinity, how can you hate on that movie? It’s certainly a “so bad it’s good” type flick…plus Parker Posey is just awesome in it.

    Looking forward to the next “Exploring” video.

    • demonknight:

      The next exploring is All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. It’s already up on The Escapist.

    • jack:

      I actually liked DareDevil better than the Spiderman film that I never understood all the hate it got, same with Green Lantern.

      Trinity was the weakest of the 3 but I still enjoyed it that had some good scenes like the chase between Blade and Drake and Ryan Reynolds telling Triple H he has a small dick. 🙂

      • Cecil:

        I can’t get over Green Lantern but mostly because I’m a huge fan and I think they just mishandled it. Its not terrible, it just should have been so much better.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Yep, they recorded an all new commentary for the DC.

      I don’t hate Blade 3, its just they really tried to soften things up after 2 and it was barely a Blade movie. (they admitted it was a backdoor pilot for The Nightwatchers spinoff)

  • Gary O'B:

    I’ve always liked this film and can’t understand why it has generated so much hate. Daredevil was always going to be a difficult hero to portray but I thought they gave it a good go. Now you tell me this is yet another example of studio meddling! As this film received poor reviews and under performed at the box office who got the blame ? The director ? The studio ? It seems that Affleck gets most of the flack.
    Another great enlightening video Mr. T.
    I’ve ordered the D cut from Amazon (£5, amazing!) Looking forward to seeing the true vision.

    • Cecil:


      I remembered the movie being well liked in general even though it did ok in the box office. It seemed after the whole “Benifer” thing, which the stupid media created, everyone turned on Affleck. Now all of the sudden every movie he made in the past retroactively sucked.

      Hope you enjoy the DC!

      • Gary O'B:

        Just watched the D cut and yes it is the better film although the evidence against Welch and him handing the police the Kingpin scenario is a bit thin. (I’m sure the Kingpin would be better prepared for someone turning on him.)
        One thing that REALLY grated was the actor playing Det. Nick Manolis…… did he suck……”WHERE’S MY S.W.A.T. TEAM !!
        Following on from your comment that the studio thought the directors cut was too intellectual for the average audience I would love to see you do an exploration as to why studios have this view that the ‘average’ audience need to be lead by the hand because they are dumb, easily confused, and unable to tell the difference between Spider-Man and Daredevil if they both wear red (REALLY!?)
        In England they released AVENGERS ASSEMBLE because we might confuse it with the 1998, The Avengers, a flop that starred Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman…. DUHHHHHH

        • Cecil:

          Unfortunately, audiences can be stupid. People didn’t go see Batman Begins because they thought it was a sequel to Batman and Robin. People didn’t go see Dredd because they thought it was a sequel to Judge Dredd.

          Even still, I wish they would appeal to the more intelligent crowd. We should be pushing up not pulling down.

          The studios cater way too much to the idiots though. I used to get into screeners fairly often back in the day. At the end of the screener if you liked the movie, they didn’t want to know why. If you disliked the movie, they wanted to know why. I see this as a major problems. Rather than appealing to the people who enjoyed the movie, they want to alter it for the people who didn’t like it. Only problem is that a lot of the people who disliked it will still dislike it after you make the changes. Now, with the movies changed, neither party likes it.

  • jack:

    Cecil have you seen the Cannon film documentary Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films ? I think it is available on Netflix.

    • Cecil:

      Not yet.

      • Keith:

        The Cannon Films documentary is amazing…just watched it the other day. The other documentary I’m looking forward to seeing is about the making of Hellraiser 1 & 2. It was fan-funded and I think it’s completed filming, just needs a distributor now.

  • sunrise089:

    Thanks for the video Cecil. I’ve watched both of your most recent two on The Escapist, which is a bit less convenient but something I’m happy to do to support the site.

    While I did enjoy both videos, I hope you’ll offer a standard Good Bad Flick video soon so as not to lock you in to the Exploring format in the new venue.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I appreciate it.

      You are in luck! Got a good ol fashioned GBF lined up for Monday. Another giant spider movie. 🙂

      I wanted to put my best foot forward with the Escapist so I figured I would lead off with some Exploring and then segway into a GBF to see how they like it. I’m trying to split it about 50/50 as well as mixing in WTF, Vs, and so on as they come. Right now I’m sticking to movies but they might want some Good Bad Games from me in the future. Right now, just trying to establish there so everyone gets used to me. 🙂

  • Marco:

    From R to PG-13…..*sigh* fuck you Studio!

    Once, I had (and may still have) a special relationship with that movie. My (very) ex girlfriend had (still has) a Vision Disability. She could see movies and stuff with the help of some special eye-glass. We knew nothing about a blind superhero before, so this was kind of an uplifting surprise. No matter what happend with that relationship over 10 years ago in my late teens, I will always love Daredevil for that particular time in my life.

    Also the new Netflix show is so good!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      I’d imagine a hero like Daredevil would be very meaningful to blind folks. Usually heroes are these larger than life icons but here is a guy with a genuine disability that he uses to his advantage.

  • Marco:

    PS: When the Daredevil Movie was Screening I kind of hated Ben Affleck…. I guess for no real reason (see: Leonardo Dicaprio). Could’ve been one reason it didn’t do so well. He was the pretty boy.
    Now (as a more self-assured adult ;P) I really like him. And I look forward to his turn as Batman. Still, that one looks like a DC missfire. TURN UP THE COLOURS! You don’t need grey to be good!

    • Cecil:

      To be fair, the movie is still a ways off. The colors could be ramped up on release, since color correction is one of the later things they do in post.

  • Timo:

    As much as I enjoy this movie (especially the director’s cut), I have to admit that the courtroom scene with Quesada is poorly written. First, Murdock is for some unexplained reason acting as the prosecutor. Second, his supposed brilliant lawyering skills amount to asking “Are you suuuuure you are not lying?”

    • Cecil:

      To be fair, his skills were more about listening to the person’s heartbeat which would tell him if they were lying or not. In this movie he is still starting out so his skills in prosecution weren’t there yet.

  • unrealbe:

    Iam sure you are awere but the video is blocked by fox

  • F you, FOX. All I gotta say…

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