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Exploring The Houses October Built Episode 301

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  • Jeff Larson:

    Hi Cecil,

    My name is Jeff Larson and I play “Jeff” in The Houses October Built. Thanks for making that great video celebrating the evolution of The Houses October Built. After watching the video, there was some pertinent backstory about the documentary that I would like to share with you. I mention it only because it enriches an already great piece.

    I went to film school with Bobby at LMU and in my second year(2004), I made a horror short called “Kill:The Motion Picture.” I shot it in a Halloween Haunted House in Los Angeles called Spooky House. The plot is basic: A guy goes looking for his missing brother and is attacked by crazy scare actors. It’s where I met Kurt, the wicked witch who is in the documentary.

    Bobby watched the film and told me how he always wanted to do a movie about haunted houses. I mentioned how interesting it was working with these scare actors and how cool it would be to do a documentary on these unique people.

    Over the next 5 years, we met at the same restaurant in LA, to develop the story. At the same time, Bobby and Zack were also developing the idea and in 2010, Bobby, Zack, and I formed an LLC called Foreboding films and set out to make the documentary. We all co-financed the film and along with shooting it and doing sound, I also co-directed the film with Bobby and co-wrote with Bobby and Zack.

    More than just another indie film that gets a break, the origin of this film was unique in that two sets of people with a unique idea connected in the sprawl of LA(both from different states- I’m from Ohio and Bobby and Zack from Texas) to make something cool and exciting.

    Thought you might enjoy that info. Thanks for reading.

    Jeff Larson

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