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Exploring Jurassic Park 3 Episode 189

9 Responses to “Exploring Jurassic Park 3 Episode 189”

  • Gary O'B:

    It’s a real eye opener to see just how much hard work went into this film which most people would just think was all CGI. The problem is that when No.1 came out we all went…WOW! DINOSAURS!!….by No.3 most of us went….Yawn…dinosaurs. Audiences get jaded very quickly. That’s why I’m really surprised that Jurassic World has been a big success, that trailer reminds me an awful lot of Jaws 3D (a park full of visitors attacked by the big scary monster)

  • Gary O'B:

    Oh and that Pteranodon turn around stare is soooo creepy

  • The Viewer:

    Nice vid. I get this movie better now, especially how much they cared about the dino effects. Although, you missed to mention that the useless egg-stealing sidekick asked to survive the movie.

    I love the first JP (who doesn’t, right? 🙂 ) and love The Lost World. You don’t get the hate for JP3, I don’t get the hate for JP2… You get Goldblum back, the characters are likable enough, the effects and tension are still pretty great and the plot continues the story in a logical enough way, with the big game hunters trying to pack in the latest big game, the corporate takeover happening in Ingen, plus you get one of the best out of left field finale in a blockbuster ever. And the gymnastics scene was really fun. I mean what kid, especially an athlete, wouldn’t want to kick raptors ass like that. I like JP3, although it is less engaging than the other movies, mostly because the story doesn’t really go anywhere once they find the kid (the kid who puts survivalists to shame, btw, with his dino jungle survival skills), there’s no real big climactic scene at the end like in the first two movies (unless you count the singing raptors) and the asshats decide to split Niel and Dern ship for good! Wtf was that all about???

    Having said all that, I like JP3 better than Jurassic World. I was down right bored by JW… The first 20 or so minutes was alright and then it got unbelievably predictable, repetitive and stupid. And the CGI was terrible too often. I can only wish they threw in the rejected humanoids idea at the end to make the whole thing more interesting, if nuts. That’s probably the direction the fifth part will take and it’s not going to be set on an island again, that’s for sure. Seeing what crazy crap they’ll throw in in the fifth movie (there’s a rumor about dino dragons) is the only reason why I’m not pissed that the fourth one didn’t do more or less anything for me (although, to be fair, Bryce Dallas Howard was fun and she does lose more and more pieces of clothing and gets more and more sweaty in a kind of sexy way thought the flick, so that’s something I guess 🙂 ).

    I don’t know why they say that Jurassic World ignores the sequels. There’s a clearly visible Goldblum’s character’s book on the control board desk in the main control room at one point (next to the comical relief technicians toy dinos).

    By the way, Cecil, any chance we’ll get to see you play any of the Dino Crises games?

  • Steve:

    Nice to see Jurassic Park 3 get some respect. If you listen to what seems to be the “popular consensus” on the Jurassic Park movies, the first one was the greatest thing ever, Lost World was ok, and 3 was terrible.

    I love Jurassic Park but honestly, my reaction when I saw it the first time on opening day (after being blown away by the effects), was….”that’s it?” It hadn’t helped that I had read the book and I guess I was just expecting more in the way of what happens. I also consider it the last ‘Classic Spielberg’ movie.

    Lost World was just a big ol’ stupid mess. Stupid people doing stupid things for no good reason and we’re supposed to root for them. I did enjoy the T-rex rampage in San Diego though. Just wish the first 2 hours had been even close to being that much fun.

    Jurassic Park 3 was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t really expect much and came out enjoying it, a lot. It’s a really lean, fast, movie. The effects are great and I really love the look of the jungle. It reminds me of a color version of the jungle from the original King Kong. The Pteranodon cage sequence is just about perfect as far as suspense/action scenes go. The movie is sure not perfect, but none of the Jurassic Park movies are even close to being perfect.

    So, as far as order of quality I’d say Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 3, then Lost World. Haven’t seen Jurassic World yet but I’m guessing it’ll go above Lost World. Funny thing is, while I think Jurassic Park is a “better” movie, if given the choice to watch right now, it’d be Jurassic Park 3.

  • David:

    Nice video Cecil, been enjoying your videos on Blip for some time now and a few months back I thought you’d disdappeared from reviewing, I’m very glad to see that you’re still going stronger than ever. I am one of those people for whom the original Jurassic Park was a seminal movie of my childhood, I was 8 when it came out and fell in love with it. The problem I’ve always had with the sequels is that they took the dinosaurs and turned them into movie monsters. By that I mean that in the first movie they acted much more like animals would, by The Lost World you have the T-Rex banging its head into a bus, which its brain should have identified as pretty much just another animal at that point, or biting traffic lights and JP3 made the raptors far to smart for my liking. I still enjoy them as movies but they don’t match the first one for me. The increased monsterisation and intelligence of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are what’s keeping me from seeing it in cinemas, it’ll be something I’ll see on DVD.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks for making the way over here! Blip has steadily been going downhill and with 95% of my audience being youtube, I wanted to shift my focus to where the most people were watching.

      From what I gather about the intelligence of the Dinos, they touched on it in Jurassic World. They had been meddling with the science and making them more intelligent. Even though we as viewers know that is a terrible idea, it makes for fun popcorn viewing.

      • David:

        True it does make for fun watching, I just have to look at them the way I do the Rocky movies and how things started to change fairly drastically in the sequels, fun watching but not matching the first.

  • bastardjackyll:

    I met Joe Johnston a few years back at a hotel I was working at. I had just seen Hidalgo (which was awesome), which I complimented him on. He mentioned how kind Viggo Mortensen was, and that he bought and pastured most of the horses in the film. A real kind and quiet man.

    • Cecil:

      Thats good to hear, he seems like a genuinely cool guy. Still sad that he gets so much flak for JP3. I’m kind of amazed he didn’t get bigger after he did the first Captain America in 2011. It was well done as well as critically and financially successful.

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