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Exploring The Last Dragon – Episode 231

2 Responses to “Exploring The Last Dragon – Episode 231”

  • The Viewer:

    Wow, so you chose not to do a “regular” goodbad review for this one, huh? While I’ll agree that the movie is interesting, fun, very unique, charmingly 80s and occasionally funny, it’s definitely not a “good” good movie, with all do respect. 🙂
    They really could have used the two mil that they had to cut out from the script and the story really ought to have been tighter. The way it was put together makes the movie feel almost disjointed at times. And the two white villains are the worst (and the actors who play them did the movie no favors either). It’s the main villain who sells this movie, though. The cast is pretty good (save for the white villains), the movie looks great, the characters are different (in a good way), and Vanity is freaking gorgeous (she should’ve had a longer career, since you just can’t go wrong with casting, but instead she’s now almost forgotten), but the thing you’ll remember the most is the giant black kung fu villain. I’m shocked that that guy didn’t have a career after this. He’s so perfect in his role, he should be up there on the list of best 80s villains ever.

    Anyway, cool and highly informative “exploring” vid as usual. 🙂

  • The Viewer:

    Sorry for double posting again, but you really ought to add an edit option for our comments, like Youtube does. A commenter makes a tiny mistake in their comment and they can’t do anything about it once you hit the submit button. 🙂

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