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Exploring Running Scared – Episode 263

4 Responses to “Exploring Running Scared – Episode 263”

  • bastardjackyll:

    Easily Paul Walker’s best work, this movie was nuts. Two things that really stuck out to me, the bad guy at the end dropping the N-word on Walker, and a very odd online promo where you control Walker going down on Vera Farmiga, I’m telling you, this thing was nuts.

  • the viewer:

    That fucking ending with the witch’s house… Man… That fucking ending. Trumps everything else in the movie. One of the most effective moments in movie history. It both makes the movie memorable and helps it stand out but it also completely destroys everything else he was going for because there’s simply nothing else in it that can’t match that part. The movie was definitely heart by being able to show NJ. Also, the Lynchian level of real life horror painted with Grimm’s work works but the whole The Cowboys thing not so much…

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