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Exploring Spawn Episode 195

8 Responses to “Exploring Spawn Episode 195”

  • Doug Glassman:

    Assuming the Spawn reboot does come out in the next few years, how about Michael B. Jordan as the lead?

  • Rod:

    I loved this movie and was very disappointed that it didn’t generate a sequel immediately. The low point is that I think Martin Sheen was a little flat but John Leguisamo (sp) more then made up for it. I would really like the next film to be about his pursuit of the child molester from early in the series run. That being said, Cecil, you are one of the best the internet has to offer. Your insightful with the right amount of wit and humor to make even the not so great films you’ve covered seem interesting. Cecil, where is Megaforce? lol You have built Nicholas Cage up to something just shy of being a deity but no love for Barry Bostwick and Persis Khambatta? The masses are speaking good sir. lol In all seriousness another excellent Exploring. Cant wait for the next one.

    • Cecil:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

      I’ve been holding out for a promised Megaforce Bluray. Believe me, the movie is a gem. I hold it in high bad movie regard.

  • Melissa:

    Wait, that woman in the green dress was ANGELA?! What is she, an angelic bounty hunter, doing at the ball and why?

    Also, I didn’t notice it until now, but the female reporter is played by Robia LaMorte. I find it hypocritical of her to be in a movie about demons and hell when one of the reasons she left Buffy The Vampire Slayer was because she was a hard-core christian and didn’t like it’s supernatural subject matter anymore.

  • Jr.:

    If there has ever been a need for a sequel or reboot of a movie, It has to be this one. The time is just right for a new Spawn movie to come out. If it worked for Dredd, then itll work for this one. John Leguizamo is just outstanding and his acting chops just shine in this movie.Thanks again for the vid!

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