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Exploring The Crow City of Angels Episode 200

11 Responses to “Exploring The Crow City of Angels Episode 200”

  • Jason A:

    Congrats, sir, on number 200! I enjoy watching and hope you continue on strong!

  • Melissa:

    Yes, yes, yes! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time! I love the original Crow film, it being my favorite movie. City of Angels i’ve looked past but never hated and I honestly didn’t know just how much of the film had been cut. I’ve always hated Harvey Winestein and now knowing all this makes me want to judo flip him into a river. Happy 200th episode!

  • Timo:

    I think I already mentioned about Crow films that never got made in your City of Angels video game videos. I recently came across this page which goes into some detail about them, if you are interested:

  • Ryan:

    Nightbreed was cut heavily? Wow i liked what I’m guessing was the cut version so I wonder how good the uncut version is.

    • Cecil:

      Here are the differences:

      81 differences, including
      * 36 scenes with an alternative course of events
      * 10 re-cuts
      * 22 scenes where the Theatrical Version is longer
      * 2 mirrored scenes

      Difference in time: 19:14 min

      The new cut is as close to Barker’s original vision as is possible. (some of the footage was destroyed over the years) This tells a more complete story and makes much more sense.

  • Snatcher33:

    Great post credits stinger Cecil……

  • mogens:

    omg you are soo right cecil

  • Brian:

    The original story sounded way better than what I saw on TV on FX a long time ago. Blade Runner and numerous other movies have been reedited to their original glory after years of syndication and VHS theatrical versions so there’s hope. I also hope Blair Witch 2 gets redone too, I saw the theatrical on a premium movie channel, because I always love a good psychological mystery. Also, screw Harvey Weinstein. I’ve hated how he did/has tried to mess with this, Snowpiercer and many other films for the worse.

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