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Exploring Waterworld Episode 220

4 Responses to “Exploring Waterworld Episode 220”

  • mogens:

    Say something to The nostalgia critic he makes fun of shyamalan

    • demonknight:

      Many people make fun of Shyamalan. Truth be told, he’s very divided in his criticisms. There’s people that hate him (like Doug Walker). There’s people that love him (like Cecil). And then there’s some that think he’s just hit and miss (myself included).

      The Visit was in my top 10 of the year. Meanwhile, I despised The Happening and After Earth (which he was pretty much a hired gun on, but still). I love The Sixth Sense. But I thought Unbreakable and The Village were just okay. The rest, I haven’t seen yet.

  • mogens:

    Doug Walker should really take a look at good bad flicks p.s not Avery shyamalan movie is shit doug Walker

  • PES:

    The one note I’d add is that the original concept (and I believe the very first script) was to take place not on a water-covered world, but one covered in ice & snow. This was thought to be conceivably filmable on a limited budget, and something of an antithesis to the Road Warrior’s desert setting.

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