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Exterminators of the Year 3000 Episode 190

6 Responses to “Exterminators of the Year 3000 Episode 190”

  • bastardjackyll:

    Some pretty impressive stuntwork for low-budget Italian schlock, looks like it would make a good double feature with 2019: After the Fall of NY.

    Hey Cec, two (maybe kind dumb) questions, is it better for you if we watch and comment on this site or on the escapist? Are we getting something special for Episode 200(!!!)?

    • Cecil:

      Definitely a good double feature with almost any of the Italian PA flicks.

      I’d say watch it on The Escapist and comment, which makes me look good. Then come back here and watch it again. 🙂

      Big plans for 200.

  • Keith:

    Any movie with Luciano Pigozzi (aka Alan Collins) is worth checking out…just for the beard ‘n brows look. He’s the Italian Jack Elam! He was absolutely fabulous in Yor.

    • Cecil:

      Dammit, when is Yor getting a blu release!

      • Keith:

        I know, right? I’ve still got my old VHS copy, with sun-faded box art as a $0.99 clearance buy from Blockbuster 20 years ago. The tape won’t play any more, but I keep it just for the cover art…Reb Brown, sort-of Corinne Clery and flying saucers? Friggin’ awesome! Been holding off on tracking down a DVD copy in hope of a BluRay release…one can hope it will happen eventually.

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