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The Fly 2 – Episode 144

21 Responses to “The Fly 2 – Episode 144”

  • mogens:

    and that just proof that csi is shit

  • Finn:

    I love The Fly II. Those scenes with the dog were pretty traumatic when I saw this movie as a kid. Great opening too, Cecil. You put a lot of great effort into every one of your reviews/

  • r2d2:

    As always, great review. this one of my favorite movies back in the day. And yes, kinda disappointing how effects are done this days, seems to be old school was better.

    I don’t know if this movie was better than the prequel, but is certainly a worthy successor, even though it had all the recipe for disaster (Different director, different actors, just a few scenes from the original).

    This two movies proves that remakes and sequels can be better if done correctly. What do you think it would happen if they were to be remake nowadays?

    • Cecil:

      This was back in a time when creative people were allowed to take risks. Now everything is organized in a board room and they try to make things as marketable as possible.

      I know there is talks to remake this. I’m sure they would just carbon copy the Cronenberg version but put in tons more CGI and completely skip over all that emotional turmoil stuff.

  • Well worth the wait,Cecil(kudos to Handsome Eric for another great intro!)- I remember seeing this when it first came out(in the same theater that I saw the Fly remake,btw) and it was much better than I expected. That poor dog! I just saw V/H/S 2 recently and hate it when animals get hurt in these things! I know it’s not real but still….

    Really loved the ending they went with, that bastard had it coming:)

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! The full version of the intro had to be cut short. (it would have taken nearly a week to render!) The GBF after it was transported was mixed with the fly and had all kinds of pulsing tendrons and other gross things. Maybe when Eric gets his new machine he’ll render out the full version and I’ll put it up.

      A surefire way to get me to hate a villain is to have them hurt an animal. Gets me every time.

  • Wow. I’ve seen slasher movies that didn’t have gore effects that were half this entertaining, so how have I not seen this film?

  • Jr.:

    I remember seeing this when I was younger. I think it traumatized me more than the first one did. But all the gore effects were awesome.

    Oh and Daphne Zuniga is HOT.

  • Cristiona:

    Never saw this one.

    That intro was pretty impressive, kudos to Handsome Eric!

  • The dog scenes were extreme, but I thought the ending made them completely worthwhile (seeing the main villain essentially take the dogs place).

    What I didn’t like, however, was the head security guard. He was just over-the-top pure *evil* for no good reason whatsoever. His character was so bad (with no real motivation) that he basically became a cartoon character.

  • Mike:

    I’m with 100% on cruelty or death to friendly pets in movies. I hate when the ex-boyfriend kills the dog to show he means business, like smashed the car up, maybe burn down the house (with no one in it) but leave the dog alone.

    Like why did shit have to get that real in “Joe Dirt” when Joe Don Baker shots old Rusty, very dark turn for such a silly movie.

    • Cecil:

      I don’t like it but its not a deal breaker for me. (since I know in reality, the animal is ok) What I can’t deal with is movies like Nekromantik and Cannibal Holocaust. They killed animals for real and it just makes me sad. I was laughing and enjoying how ridiculous Nekromantik was and then they kill a bunny and seriously, it ruined my whole night.

  • demonknight:

    I need to finish watching this. I got the double feature out of the library. The first one played fine, so I put this one in. I got about 30 minutes in, and then it just stopped. It didn’t skip. It stopped. I’m pissed.

    • demonknight:

      Finally finished it. Got the two disc dvd at Stop & Shop for $3. Good, not nearly as good as the first. Good to hear you discuss it again on the new Geek Juice Radio episode.

  • mogens:

    grudge 2 and ring 2 was not that bad

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