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Friday The 13th: Repetition

You saw the trailer, now watch the movie!

7 Responses to “Friday The 13th: Repetition”

  • Sychodemus:

    Kind of silly but decently done in a campy sort of way (yes, pun.)

    Even though Jason seems mighty wimpy in this it did make me think of something: I never saw Jason kill someone by beating them to death with his face. So there is hope for newness.

    • CM:

      Mighty wimpy? he picked a dude up into the air and ripped his throat out John Rambo style! not to mention the main actor we had as Jason is 6’7 and 280 lbs.

      • Sychodemus:

        I’m sorry, but yes. Jason seems very much understrength: he gets knocked down twice and knocked back at least three times in the same fight.
        Nostalgia glasses on my part perhaps but something seemed off.

        • CM:

          As a big fan myself I do get where you’re coming from, but the bottom line was that we wanted a cool fight scene, which is not something seen all too often in the movies. the idea we were going for was that you might be able to get a few good hits in on Jason if you’re athletic/strong, but all he’s gotta do is hit you once or twice and you’re useless, no matter who you are.

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  • john:

    Good film and special effects.

  • mrnukem:

    i hope to see more original work like this. You can tell everyone involved was into it, and the production was done with care. Most importantly it felt like a Friday the 13th Movie. I actually made me a batch of Popcorn to go along with watching this. Really good work!

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