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Good Bad Flicks in the News

Well, this sort of thing makes me feel like a fancy lad. Good Bad Flicks made not one but two Top Horror Critics Lists!


The first is from ObscureCinema101 over on


The second is from Crypticpsych over on


My deepest gratitude to these fine folks for giving my humble show such high praise.

Right now I’m feeling as awesome as this kid!

6 Responses to “Good Bad Flicks in the News”

  • Cristiona:

    Cool! Now you can get more hits and some of that phat internet money!

  • The Wheelchair:

    It was actually the 6 Great Internet Critics article that brought me here in the first place, so they totally did bring you extra publicity.

    That said, sorry, Cecil, I don’t think it’s actually physically possible for any of us to be as cool as THAT KID.

    • Cecil:

      That’s great! I often wonder how some folks find this place. I did get a nice spike in traffic from both articles, which I greatly appreciated. Even a few facebook likes.

      Oh, I know I’ll never actually be as cool as that kid but for a day I felt like I was. lol

  • bastardjackyll:

    I discovered you on Agony Booth, and I havent been able to stop watching your reviews since. This is a really, really great (and fun) site. Great work!

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