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Grizzly – Episode 172

14 Responses to “Grizzly – Episode 172”

  • Jr.:

    Great review, Cecil! Something going on with your voice there? Hope everything’s alright.

    There aren’t enough killer bear movies around. One of the most terrifying animals around but all we get are giant sharks and snakes, not that those are bad things anyways. I certainly wish I couldve lived during the 70s and see how more they were willing to push movies back then.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! Yeah just dealing with a sore throat. I was sipping Pepsi in between lines (really helps coat the throat) to get me through. I had to scrap about 2-3 minutes of audio because it was just awful.

      There’s an RPG called Deadlands Hell on Earth (a post apocalyptic P&P RPG and one of the greatest things ever) and one of the adventures has you going up against a giant zombie bear. It is full of pustules and if you hit it with a melee weapon it pops and sprays maggots on you. Good times.

      I remember being excited about a movie called The Edge with a giant killer bear. Unfortunately, it stunk. It ended up being more about Anthony Hopkins trying to kill Alec Baldwin for having sex with his wife, Elle MacPherson.

      Its a joke now how lame PG-13 movies are compared to the PG films of old. I understand the need for PG-13 but (as I said in the video) it has become the opposite of what it was supposed to be.

  • Gary O'B:

    Awesome choice! I love this movie, saw it on a double bill with Day of the Animals ( ah double bills, what ever happened to them?)
    You’re right, this is pretty graphic for a P.G. I can’t remember the last time I saw a little kids leg ripped off in a movie!
    Good old Christopher George, he always gives a solid performance no matter what. He’s one of those mainstays of these types of films along with others like Doug McClure, Richard Jaekel, Tom Atkins and the lovely Linda Day George of course.
    I did notice that when Ranger Kelly went to investigate the shack, someone had re-built it !
    Maybe it was the bear in an attempt to hide evidence. (After all he did bury the first body)
    The blood may look fake but those attack scenes are pretty nasty and those shots of the bear roaring are very effective.
    Another superb GoodBadFlicks episode.

    • Roy:

      Chris was in “Pieces”, which Cecil focused on in Episode 92 of GBF with his wife Lynda Day (“BASTARD!!!…BASTARD!!!!….(one more time, baby)…BASTARD!!!).

      Those two along with Jaeckel (“Green Slime!!!”) were in Day Of The Animals. It’s worth seeing Leslie Nielsen go nuts and fight a bear…and lose. Worth reviewing, Cecil. 🙂

      Also, DVD Drive-In has a great in-depth review of the film.

      Great work, Cecil…and eat some chicken soup, please? 🙂

      • Cecil:


        Still one of the greatest moments in movie history. Such gusto.

        Day of the Animals has been on the list for quite some time. That and Roar, which was recently featured with pics of Melanie Griffith sleeping with a Lion.


        LOL I actually just had some homemade chicken noodle. Voice is still a little rough. I’m recording tomorrow so I hope it is better. Stupid weather.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! 🙂

      I may have to do an Animals Attack month some time in the future with stuff like Day of the Animals, 8 legged freaks, The Last Shark, and…I don’t know there are so many others to choose from.

      The producer was talking about how they pushed to get the film PG. Now there is no way they would have even had a PG-13. Such a shame how chicken the ratings board is now.

      I had more about the actors but I cut it due to my voice giving out.

  • Gary O'B:

    By the way….Do you own an angry orange cat ? (Just curious about the name)

    • Cecil:

      Yes I do. He is my best friend and often keeps me company during the long late nights when I’m editing. The name came from a joke a friend of mine who is a graphic designer. She made the logo as a joke years before I started GBF.

  • stampy:

    The first horror movie i ever saw and it was on beta tape. iirc it gave me some pretty serious nightmares.

  • MH:

    The VHS was PG, but the DVD is R. I remember looking at it in Media Play in Harrisburg, PA, wanting to see what was in that version.

    • Cecil:

      I think it is a case like The Guyver where they re-rated it for the DVD. The version I have is from 2008 and the DVD is listed as UR but what is on the disk is the unaltered PG release. So dumb. Once a movie is rated, that rating should stand regardless of how much time has passed.

  • Black Doug:

    Just don’t try to review “Grizzly II: The Concert”, or it’ll get pulled down and you’ll receive a nasty, incoherent letter from some Hungarian lady.

    So is there a Brazilian parody version–a “Bearalau”, if you will?

  • mogens:

    cecil have you watch hercules in new york and if so what do you think of it?

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