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Hey everyone, I’m glad you are enjoying the show.

While Good Bad Flicks has grown quite a bit over the past year I believe (and I think you do too…well…I hope you do at least) that it could be bigger.

Now I’m not asking for money or anything of that sort, just exposure. That’s where you come in. The show needs to get in front of some more eyes. So if you frequent a website or know someone or somewhere that might like the show, I ask you to pass it on. Put up a link to an episode you like in places like Reddit, Buzzfeed, Kotaku, IMDB, Wikipedia, Facebook, etc…anywhere you think people may enjoy it. To make things easier you can even post the youtube links, since that is what most places will only accept anyway. (as far as video links) If you have a friend or coworker who might like this sort of thing, tell them about the site. Also, if you have iTunes, leave me a good rating. That’s it. (or anything else you might think of to promote the show)

I’m going to be pushing the program really hard over the next month and it would be great to bring in some new viewers.

I’m doing a “Mainstream May” this month. That is, I’m taking some more recent films that were mainstream failures and giving them some much needed attention. All 4 are pretty well known so I’m also hoping that will draw some attention. Don’t worry, when June starts I have some really obscure movies that I’m sure you will love. I’ll never go fully mainstream, but it is fun to bring up the big names now and again. Besides, who else would defend Catwoman?

Anyway, this is purely voluntary. If you don’t want to, don’t feel obligated! I’ll still continue to make the same kickass show you’ve been watching week after week.

Thanks for watching.


14 Responses to “Halp”

  • bastardjackyll:

    I’ll say this much, your production values are EONS ahead of most other internet shows, you don’t do schtick, play a “character” on camera, and you never SCREAM into the mic. Instead of spending 10 or 15 minutes hacking away at a 20 year old movie that you dont like, you use that time to recap and revel about movies that you DO like, and most times leave us feeling kind of excited about a movie that we hadnt even heard of before watching the video; for these reasons this is HANDS DOWN my favorite review show, and you’ve got MY support!

    Keep up the good bad work!

    • Cecil:

      I genuinely appreciate it. I work really hard on these and I always hope everyone is enjoying them. My whole thing is being honest. I’m not playing a character I’m just being myself. I’m a huge movie fan, always have been. Growing up with MST3K and having a bit of a sarcastic side, I just enjoy poking fun at things. So while all these movies I like/love, I still give them a good prodding. It’s in my nature and who doesn’t like a well placed joke?

      My ultimate goal was always to showcase the films. That’s why I make it about the movies and not about me. I enjoy recommending movies and I am overjoyed when people tell me they checked them out and liked them. It’s awesome.

      Again, I appreciate the support. I have plenty more to come. 🙂

    • john:

      Second that. Virtually all the other internet review shows try to copy the angry video game nerd, nostalgia critic or the Spooney experiment but with far less visual or writing quality at least in the case of Critic and Spooney.

      Good to see someone who reviews old or fairly obscure films that you would actually like to watch and positive reviews of films everybody hates because most people follow the heard and instantly deem a movie crap before even seeing it like DOA.

      • Cecil:

        Too many people are trying to be “the next” whatever instead of trying to be “the first” something.

        Being a lover of what is often considered “bad” I just wanted to create a show where those movies got a voice in the other direction.

        Like you said, so many people seem eager to follow the herd and yell “sucks!” without ever actually seeing the movie.

  • Marco:

    You deserve more viewers…. I don’t know how many you have, but I still asume it’s still to little for the love, work and skill you put into your videos. I first found you through the Agonybooth website and watched all your videos since then.

    I think your take on Movies is very different to many other reviewers. Thats good… and bad. Bad because the films are little known (most of the times… so your move to review more recent Movies is a good thing) and so you’ll find less traffic by pure chance. But on the other hand it’s fu**ing great, because you are unique in your style. I really think you strike a chord with people who are in love with awesome good bad/forgotten Movies.

    I’m reminded to the AV-Clubs’ (the website) My year of Flops. Great articles about failed Movies (by their own or other fault). I visited that website for years. And I think that this is your kind of audience. I don’t know how realistic it will be to have a weekly column with them, but I think you should try to reach out to them…. hey, they are doing a weekly special about podcasts… why not video podcasts?

    Sorry for the spelling… I’m german….and drunk ;)!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks 🙂

      I have a good influx of viewers but nowhere near the big ones. My total views for all my videos are about what they get for 1 video. I genuinely think the show can reach a bigger audience and that is why I’m trying to push it to the next level. (ugh, I sound like I’m in marketing)

      I’ll never abandon doing the bad/obscure movies (I just love them too much) but I can’t deny the pull of newer stuff. However, I think I have a solution to get the best of both worlds. I was thinking of doing something along the lines of 3 weeks of old/obscure movies and 1 week of something that is newer but is often labeled “bad”. (like Shark Night, for example) That way I can still do the show I want to do and bring in an audience that may not have found this otherwise.

      Hmmm…good point. I’ll have to send them an email and see what they say.

      Your spelling was actually quite good, probably better than me and I’m sober! 🙂

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been looking further into the AV-club but I was hit with this roadblock. “The A.V. Club does not accept outside submissions of any kind.”

      Oh well. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      • Marco:

        Narf! I’m so sorry, didn’t knew that. I wrote some mails, too. Never got a response.

        I really thought it was a perfect fit. First I thought I could understand that viewpoint…. but I really can’t. They have freelance writers and they – still – have their weekly podcast roundup. If they would do that with video podcasts such as yours it wouldn’t make a difference. The only problem, I think, would be the copyright content of your videos. But I have no clue about that stuff.

        • Cecil:

          Thanks for the suggestion anyway. Its cool, it was worth a shot.

          I just think sites like that put up those claims so they don’t get bombarded with emails. They probably only bring in stuff they find on their own or people they know already who are not involved in the site.

          All the videos I do are covered under fair use as review/parody so I wouldn’t see it being an issue unless they were controlled by the copyright police like youtube is.

  • I’am recently having my self a marathon of all of your video’s and as an Act of apreation i made this video Supporting your awesome shiz

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