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Happy New Year!


Hope you all had a great holiday. I am having a wonderful but busy time. With that, some news.

Good Bad Games!

A side project that I’ve been wanting to get out since forever will finally see the light of day and that is the launch of Good Bad Games. Essentially it is the same as Good Bad Flicks but I’m going to focus on (duh) games. Now don’t worry, Good Bad Flicks isn’t going anywhere, this is just to supplement the show. There will still be (roughly) 4 regular episodes of Good Bad Flicks a month plus (hopefully) at least 1 Good Bad Games a month. If for some reason I don’t have enough time for both I will ALWAYS default to getting the flicks out first. They are the core of what this whole site is about and I will never let them be neglected.

I have a few reasons for wanting to get gaming content out there. One, I wanted to try something different and two, because gaming content is huge right now. I think that there are a lot of people who would love my show but don’t venture outside the Lets Plays too much. I’m hoping this will reel them in and they will enjoy the gaming content enough to check out the movie stuff.

I’ve been a huge gamer pretty much my entire life and aside from films, they are my other passion. So, I wanted to do something for the underdogs of games in the way I am doing that for movies. I’ve finally got it down to where it is possible to do this and I feel it is finally time to give it the green light. Originally I was planning to have the first episode up for the end of 2013 but because Jack Frost 2 kinda screwed me, I’m putting episode 1 up this week and then next week will begin the all request stuff. (Howard the Duck, Phantasm, Gremlins 2, and They Live)

The show is going to be a sort of combination Lets Play/Recap/Trivia. It will probably be a work in progress for the first few while I iron out what works and what doesn’t.

This weekend will be the forgotten adventure game Manhunter New York. In the graphic above you can see many of the potential games I have lined up for future episodes. Aside from Manhunter, I currently have footage captured for Golden Axe Beast Rider, Dark Sector, Saw, Bionic Commando and the hilariously awful Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties. As you can see, I am ahead of the game. The tricky part and why this is a roughly once a month show is that while most movies are about 90 minutes to 2 hours, even a short game can be 8-10 hours. That is a lot of footage to go through, which makes writing and editing take way longer.

I’m hoping to transition between an older game and a newer game every time. With that, I’m looking to do Golden Axe Beast Rider for next month.

Ok, more news.

The Livestream was a success…although kind of short. I only went 1 movie and while I think it went over well I think I kind of overestimated myself. I thought I would have enough in me to keep going all night but doing live stuff solo is HARD! In the future, yes there will be more, I’m thinking I’ll just stick to 1 movie and then if I’m feeling up to it and the crowd wants me to keep going, I will. Not sure what the schedule will be on these but I’ll be sure to let you all know in advance. Oh and the archive of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians will be up sometime this week.

I’m doing another Live Nude Geeks on February 10th with The Cinema Snob so I’ll post some reminders when that get closer.

I have other cool stuff (crossovers and so on) in the coming months. 2014 is going to be the shows biggest year yet! Thanks to all of you who tune in every week. You are all awesome and I appreciate your continued support.

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  • Jr.:

    This sounds like an amazing idea! Theres plenty of games that need to get their due. Im a little concerned whether you might stretch yourself a little thin though. Ever thought about adding other reviewers to your site?

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! If I tried to do more than 1 a month I might be stretching but I think I should be ok. I just had to look at my schedule to do some shuffling and get rid of anything that wasn’t really beneficial.

      I’m a part of two other sites, Geek Juice Media and Agony Booth. I don’t really want to bring anyone else here (for now anyway) because that would be just another thing to take care of. Maybe down the road but for now it is just easier to focus on my stuff. (plus, I don’t have ads here so bringing in other shows wouldn’t benefit me since I get paid for video views not site traffic)

      • Jr.:

        I discovered you through Agony Booth! Understandable about doing your own thing, might dilute the great work going on here. I hope we get to see a wide variety of games being reviewed here.

        • Cecil:

          The Booth! I will always be thankful to them for getting me my first dose of exposure. Great bunch of folks they are.

          I have a nice mix of old and new games for the show.

        • demonknight:

          I first found him while looking for a review of Return of the Living Dead 3. I had just listened to the Radiodrome on the series (ironic, isn’t it?) and wanted to know more about that film. I found nothing. However, a few days later, I was looking on the Blip Reccomends… bar under Obscurus Lupa (man, these connections are getting weird) and saw the banner, which had the ROTLD 3 poster on it. I was disappointed to find the lack of a review, but instead found and watched the episode on Killer Klowns, which was less than a month old, and I liked it. Then, I watched the Dr. Giggles, Chopping Mall, and ReAnimator episodes and knew I was hooked.

  • demonknight:

    I would have loved it if you went on longer… Cannot wait for the next one.

    Will the Feb 10th LNG be the one Jowski said would be an hour earlier than usual? He said “because of guest stars…”

  • Cristiona:

    I eagerly await the Daikatana episode 😛

  • Busy can be good sometimes, other times not. Wonderful but busy is usually good. I’m very pleased to hear that 2013 was your lucky number.

  • mogens:

    does this mean you will review the blood and shadow games by 3d realms?

  • Steve:

    Good Bad Games sounds great!!! I was born in ’71 and have had the privilege of pretty much growing up with the video game industry. Really looking forward to this.

    • Cecil:

      Awesome! I’m trying to cover both old and new to give a broad scope of the gaming landscape. Although not too old, I can’t imagine getting too much material on some of the basic Atari games. I do have at least one C64 game in the mix though.

  • mogens:

    its okay cecil you can just ansar me wen you have the time too doo soo p.s sorry again for mispelling

  • Chris:

    i watch ur show roughly 2 weeks from now on and i like it a lot!
    u should definetly do a review about evil dead remake its one of the most underrated movies 2013 and its a very great remake in my opinion.
    i know i cant force u to do it 😀
    and i dont know u like it or not.

    love ur page a lot! keep that great work on. sry for my bad english iam a german guy

  • Interested in checking out Good Bad Games(not much of a gamer myself but did like playing Golden Axe back in the day) and congrats to you on your continuing success.

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I’m hoping to make it as entertaining as possible so even if people don’t like games they would like to check this out.

      Success is coming slowly but at least it continues to go forward, not backwards!

  • BJ:

    Alpha Protocol is a bad game, period! Death by Degrees on the other hand is actually really good. It had it’s flaws but over all I would play that way before I pick up Alpha Protocol again. Still I eagerly await the launch of this new venture.

    • Cecil:

      While Alpha Protocol was not the game they wanted to make, I still think it was overall a good game. Nothing as groundbreaking as they hoped but they had tons of interference from the publisher.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Awesome! Any chance of seeing Street Fighter 2010 in the line up?

    • Cecil:

      A bit too popular. Also, it would be rough to do the show the way I’m planning on doing it with fighting games. (I like fighting games but I’m trying to focus more on story driven titles)

  • mogens:


  • i really really like harvester i have windows 7 so i dont know where’d i get it and play it,if any of you guys know let me know

  • Ryan:

    This is the greatest thing I’ve heard all year!

  • TenDropChris:

    Really interested in this new series. I love the Golden Axe games, so I hoping to hear someone finally talk about Golden Axe Beast Rider without repeating calling it “a horrible worthless game”. I have my thoughts on it but I”ll save them for when the actual episode airs.

    If your looking for suggestions, might I add War of the Monsters by Incognito games. (the makers of Twisted Metal). The game was a giant monster themed beat-em up, and what a new version of Rampage could/should have been. WOTM was well received during its launch, but as an early PS2 title, it seemed to be quickly forgotten and never became a franchise.

    • Cecil:

      I did a full playthrough of Beast Rider the other week (to capture the footage) and it is still awesome. The people who complained tried to play it like God of War or another hack and slash style game. BR is all about timing. You need to effectively block and counter which makes the game challenging and fun. I was infuriated by the low scores by reviewers who had no idea how to play the game.

      I’ve been looking at forgotten PS2 games and WOTM keeps coming up. I’ll have to snag that one.

  • mogens:


  • jack:

    It would be great if you can pull it off, that I am so sick of the Angry Video Game Nerd style of game reviews, even if it is only one game every 2 months but I don’t see how you will have the time to make video game videos, GoodBadFlicks, your job commitments and the radio show you do,

    • Cecil:

      Well, for one, I am a much faster editor than I used to be. As far as all my obligations, I’m just cutting out stuff that I don’t need. Trying to organize and plan my time better.

  • Bob:

    This sounds pretty cool.

    I am really excited to see that D2, ILLBleed and Harvester are on your list. No one really talks about those games yet they are good (or at least decent games).

    • Bob:

      Sorry for so many posts. But I forgot to mention a possible suggestion(s). If you ever get the chance I highly recommend trying out the Gabriel Knight series. I have only watched my friend beat the first one and get about a quarter of the way into the second. From what I saw they were very fascinating, and something you may greatly enjoy, if you haven’t played them already.

      • Cecil:

        No need to apologize, I’m always happy to see posts. 🙂

        The Gabriel Knight games are great! They are pretty well known and regarded so if I do get to them, it won’t be for a while.

    • Cecil:

      D2 is a victim of bad timing. It came too close to the end of the Dreamcast lifecycle.

      Harvester is INSANE. That one will probably take a while to capture simply because of all the crazy deaths that can happen in the game.

  • andrewb.:

    sweet, it’ll be nice to see some cool video game reviews of games i’ve never heard. that manhunter game was pretty interesting. i’ve honestly never seen a game that horrible, I’d love to see you do my favorite game Half life, i’d love to see all the things you’ll make fun of in it.

    • Cecil:

      I figured I would start off with something really off the wall. Next one is a little more mainstream.

      Half-life is awesome, I don’t think there is much I could say that hasn’t already been said.

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