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All Horror October – Another Heaven


Another Heaven

Two Tokyo cops are looking for a serial killer who cooks his or her victim’s brains in a stew.


WOW. This blew me away the first time I saw it. So disturbing and incredibly well crafted. A unique spin on serial killers with some things I didn’t expect.

The cops are investigating a series of murders, but as they delve deeper into the case, they start to question everything and everyone around them. Nothing is as it seems.


There are some amazing set pieces in the film, one in particular which knocked my socks off. The film had a very kinetic energy that emenated from it and helped to keep you glued to the screen.

This is not an episode of CSI. The things that happen are disgusting and even somewhat baffling. While you do get an explaination, they still leave just enough up to your imagination so that you are thinking about it for days.


I’m sure some studio was considering remaking it, but the subject matter is so gruesome, there is no way they could have cleaned it up for mass consumption. Either that, or they would have dumbed it down to the levels of the Pulse remake.

This skirts the line of being a horror film, a cop film, and an action film perfectly. It blends all the elements so well that nothing feels out of balance. Killer flick.


3 Responses to “All Horror October – Another Heaven”

  • Josh:

    Again another movie that I have never heard of and will now have to go find. This sounds similar to Tokyo Gore Police but with a real plot

    • Cecil:

      While I like Tokyo Gore Police a bunch, this is completely different. Lots of violence and gore but done in a serious way. TGP was so ridiculously over the top. Think of this like a cop movie with horror film levels of gore.

  • mogens:

    can wait for you next leprechaun review cecil

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