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All Horror October – Martyrs



Two girls who seek revenge on the people who kidnapped and tortured them when they were children end up in a situation beyond anything they could comprehend.


At first, this seems like it would be another revenge film, but really, it isn’t about that at all.

The movie starts off fairly basic and then takes left turn after left turn to make it one of the most different, confusing, and disturbing films I’ve ever seen. I say confusing because as it is happening, you have no idea why. They do finally explain things to a certain degree in the end, but they still leave plenty of things unanswered and up to your own mind to try and figure out.


The best part of this is how relentless it is. The film never gives the audience a break. There is no humor and no relief. Once the main focus of the movie starts, the movie does not give you a moment to breathe. In a way, it is an exhausting experience.


As of currently, there are plans to remake this for the US, and if you’ve seen the film, you know that there is no way they will be able to port this over. It is just too far out there for it to be able to be marketable. There is no way they could do this without making some seriously heavy changes to the film, which would ruin it. Hopefully, they drop it; it is a stupid idea.


You will either love or hate this film. I love and admire the film for pushing so many boundaries. This is a movie that defies description. You will most likely never see something like it again.


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