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All Horror October – Rogue



A journalist is on assignment in Australia. While there, he takes a boat tour through the outback where he and the crew are attacked by a man-eating crocodile.


For killer Crocodile/Alligator movies, most people either think of 1980’s “Alligator” or 1999’s “Lake Placid.” While both are good in their own way, “Rogue” should be added to that list.


Rogue is from director Greg McLean, who brought us “Wolf Creek” in 2005. While Wolf Creek was a bit slower of a horror film, Rogue moves at a faster pace. This is not to say it is the “run to the finish line” style like a lot of horror; it is fast in all the right areas.

McLean genuinely understands the beauty of the Australian Outback, and much of the setup showcased this. I’d love to visit there someday, but I never will because just about everything there is designed to kill you.


The Crocodile looked awesome. I’ve seen plenty of monster films where the creature is cool, but you can tell that it is fake. With a mix of animatronics and CGI, it looked about as real as it could get.


On a side note, it is sad that McLean can’t seem to get more work directing. Both his films, Rogue and Wolf Creek, are top notch entertainment. He is currently working on Wolf Creek 2, and perhaps that will help to get him more exposure. With so many mediocre directors getting tons of work, it is unfortunate that the genuinely good ones seem to be consistently overlooked.


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