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All Horror October – The Ruins


The Ruins

A group of kids on vacation in Mexico investigate the Mayan ruins only to discover there is something there that won’t let them leave alive.


This movie hit me from out of nowhere. I had read about it on various horror websites and was not disappointed. The movie had a mean streak a mile wide and was just downright vicious, which I appreciated. The things that happen in the movie are not pleasant. It was so refreshing to have some genuine “horror” in a horror movie!


The effects were well done, and when it was finally revealed what was going on, I have to say I did not see it coming. The tension felt genuine, and the scares were effective. There were some uncomfortable moments that would make even the most jaded horror fan cringe. Good stuff.

The film had some very clever moments that I didn’t pick up on during the first viewing. I don’t want to spoil them here, but let’s just say there is more going on in the background noise than you think.

This is as close to straight, good, old-fashioned horror as you can get. No winks to the camera, no humor, and no release. Things go from bad to worse to even worse.


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