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All Horror October – Them (Ils)



A couple is trapped in their house by a gang that is trying to kill them.


The suspense in this movie is almost unbearable. This couple is trapped in their house by a group trying to kill them with no motive. They just move in and make it clear that, for some unknown reason, they are there with the intent to murder them.


The movie ramps up the scares by not revealing their hand. Throughout the film, you only hear the criminals or see glimpses of them. This works so well because you never have any idea how many of them there are.


Certain movies blow it by showing too much too soon. Others don’t show enough. This does a great job of showing the invaders playing cat and mouse with the couple, and they don’t let up until the end.

A scary horror/thriller that more people should see. If you’ve seen The Strangers (which came out two years later), it is similar but different. Both films excel in their own way, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with Them.


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