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All Horror October – Wolf Creek


Wolf Creek

A trio of friends travel into the Australian outback to see the Wolf Creek crater. Their car breaks down, and they get a lift from a seemingly friendly Aussie Bushman, who turns out to have a sinister agenda.


The movie was inspired by the Ivan Milat and Bradley John Murdoch murder cases.

Some people didn’t like that this film didn’t get to anything even remotely horrific until about 45 minutes in. For me, I enjoyed that. The characters were interesting enough on their own, and if it would have simply been a film about them visiting the crater and then going home, I still would have been happy with the production.


However, things didn’t go so well, and that is where all the evil steps in. Mick Taylor was one awful, dispicable human being. He befriends these kids and then just torments the hell out of them. They did an outstanding job of making you like the guy and then HATE him with a passion.


The scenery in the film is gorgeous. One of the problems with some larger productions is they add in digital effects to jazz up some locations. Meanwhile, films like Wolf Creek just use the natural beauty of where they are shooting to speak for itself. They show these stunning locations that are then marred with the horrible events transpiring on them. The whole thing was shot in HD for about a million dollars, once again proving that a strong cast and story will trump hundreds of millions in CGI.


An awesome film across the board. Great character devolopment, great story, and great locations. Not to mention one of the most memorable bad guys in the past few years.


8 Responses to “All Horror October – Wolf Creek”

  • Is it me, or does the poster look like the poster for Season 2 of The Walking Dead?

  • While this movie is scary, it isn’t nearly as scary as The Snowtown Murders, which makes egg salad sandwiches, the outback, friends, adult males and all of Australia seem like the scariest most horrible things on Earth.

    After seeing it I’ve personally scratched Australia off my list of places to live, move to, or think about.

  • john:

    I actually thought this movie was rather forgettable and nothing I haven’t seen before.

  • Jason:

    I personally loved this movie. Not a lot gets said about it probably because of the long build up and character development. However, Wolf Creek is great for 2 reasons. First, the killer is so calm and friendly in his demeanor towards them and at the same time that he is brutal in his torture and killing. Second, for a movie with very few kills they did an excellent job of making the situation feel extremely terrifying and stressful so much that when the actual kill comes you are exhausted. It did not feel like a movie that only had a body count of 3.

    • Cecil:

      Bingo. He was just mellow and even when he was tracking them down he was just enjoying himself…which of course made it that much more terrifying. Like he was so comfortable with this because he’s done it so many times before.

      • Jason:

        I love that his name was Mick just like Crocodile Dundee…It was very disarming especially for an American audience that grew up on the Dundee films.

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