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Howard the Duck – Episode 151

32 Responses to “Howard the Duck – Episode 151”

  • Really?….Your one of those Indy in the fridge bashers? Considering the kind of movies you review on this site I would of figured you would of liked Kingdom of The crystal Skull. Indianna Jones is in a fridge to survive a Nuke….I’d be shit out of options too.

    • Cecil:

      I’m not just bandwagon jumping, I really wanted to like Crystal Skull. Something was just…off. I realize many people have compared something like the fridge to the raft sequence in Temple of Doom but to me its not the same.

      The fridge scene was just a part of the overall mess of the film. If the rest of the film was solid and that was the only really goofy scene, I wouldn’t fuss about it. However, with the combination of that, the tarzan monkey scene, the driving the car off a branch, and Shia obviously being groomed to take over the franchise, it didn’t appeal to me at all.

      • Steve:

        Couldn’t agree more on Crystal Skull. This coming from a huge fan of the original movies. I was 10 when Raiders came out and still remember the “WOW!!!” I got from seeing it the first time. Temple of Doom is the only movie I’ve ever watched twice back to back at the theater. Watched it once, nobody made me get up and leave, sat there and watched it again. I remember going to see Last Crusade on the same day I registered for my first college classes. 19 years later Crystal Skull was the single biggest movie disappointment of my life. I saw it once and have avoided it like the plague ever since. If I see it on the channel guide I will not even flip to it for a few seconds – that’s how much I can’t stand that movie.

        I’m not going to start listing things I thought were ‘wrong’ with Crystal Skull ’cause I don’t really want to write a book. I’ll just say in general the whole thing felt really off. I think a lot of it has to do with Spielberg just not being the same film maker he used to be. Somewhere around the early 90’s his movies started getting a real noticeable (and obnoxious) PC streak. We’re talking the guy who directed 1941 and had Indy just blow away the big sword guy in Raiders vs. the guy who digitally removed guns from the special edition of ET because it made him “feel uncomfortable” and don’t even get me started on Lost World. Just saying it’s not that surprising that a guy who is now apparently uncomfortable having government agents carry guns directed an Indiana Jones movie that felt off.

        Sorry about the mini rant. I have unresolved ‘Crystal Skull’ issues.

        • Cecil:

          Spielberg still has a good eye but his films have been so incredibly lackluster in the past 10 years or so. I don’t know what happened, it seems like he just doesn’t have the drive that he used to.

          A lot of the blame for Crystal Skull (and Spielberg even admitted) was that he didn’t tell Lucas “No”. He left in all the silliness, which ultimately hurt the production greatly. I think conceptually it was there but so much nonsense just overwhelmed the production.

          • It’s still know where near as bad as everyone says it is. Now I love the Super Mario Bros. Movie but I can see why fans of the video games were upset. It didn’t look like the game. But with Crystal Skull I don’t get what everyone is complaining about. You can’t survive a Nuke, NO SHIT! It’s just a movie. Indy has survived countless odds to the point where it’s a running gag in the series. The CG doesn’t really bother me because it’s only on screen for a short period of time and I actually liked the CG in the scenes with the ants and the UFO.

            The CG in the jungle was used do to the fact that there was a hurricane coming towards where they were filming in Hawaii and also because of safety reasons. According to interviews everyone sounded like they were having a good time making this movie. Plus Shia did a great job in the movie. Everyone likes to pick on him just because he’s an easy target 9I think it’s because of his role in the Disney TV series Even Steven) but, he’s really not a bad actor and I think would do a good job taking over the role. Bottom line, the movie was ok. Sure it wasn’t as good as Raiders or Crusade but who would of expected it to be? Those movies were classics and, this was just a chance to see Indy again.

  • Jason Lundgren:

    Great review to a criminally underrated movie!

  • Cristiona:

    Woo! Vixen!

    What a strange, strange movie. I can see why it didn’t do well, even if it might have some camp charm.

    And yeah, the Dark Overlord is pretty awesome, it’s just a pity that 1980s composites always look so bad. The color mismatch always jumps out and smacks me in the face.

    Wait. Thomas Dolby and George Clinton? WTF?!

    I wonder what it would have been like if they kept the noir elements or shot for an R rating.

    • Cecil:

      The look and animation of the Dark Overlord is awesome but yeah, the compositing stands way out in some of the scenes.

      Dolby and Clinton has to be one of the more bizarre parings for a movie soundtrack.

  • mogens:

    cecil you should totaly watch the 50 worst movies ever made on youtube

  • BJ:

    I LOVED this movie as a kid. I really wanted a squeal where he would fight Dr. Bong.

  • Howard the Duck does have it’s charms and damn,if that theme song isn’t catchy! Good work,Cecil and nice noir touches for the intro,Handsome Eric!

  • Joshnorm:

    I love, love, love this movie. Thank you for finally doing it.

  • Jason:

    Love this movie! The diner scene is easily the best of the movie.

  • Mike:

    From a short glance this looks like it really wanted to be a Rated R movie ( or at least 1980’s PG-13) but over-corrected and lost the edge it was trying to have.

    I think the line “No More Mister Nice Duck” sums up so much. It’s pulling the punch so the little ones can get a chuckle but pulls back so much it takes an older teen or adult right out of the movie. Why not a “Don’t Fuck with the Duck” line to give the impression that Howard has some edge. Yeah a few moms will complain but at least you have the adults semi-invested in your Duck rom-com adventure flick.

    I’m not suggestion all movies need profanity but when you already have Duck Tits and a skeezy peeler joint in your movie, 1 or 2 F Bombs doesn’t seem that off base. I guess that goes back to the problem this movie seemed to have, that who is it for?

  • jack:

    I wasn’t expecting to see duck nudity and girl on duck sexual attraction in a Lucas PG-13 film.

    Howard the Duck still gets some hate and generally regarded as a bad movie probably due to its affiliation with George Lucas and the backlash against The Phantom Menace and the other films in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

    Off topic but did you here they are doing another Friday the 13th remake in 2015?

    It is rumoured that it might be a found footage style film.

  • Jr.:

    Amazing review as always, especially for a a notorious film like this one. I have to say that Lucas’ films he’s directed or produced, no matter how you feel about them, always have this generally fun and goofy quality about them.

    I first watched this movie after I had heard all the stories about this movie. Yes the movie was bad, but I was just having so much fun watching the movie. The high caliber of actors they had with the great visuals just lets you sit back and enjoy. Although, the duck nudity was strange, mostly because I was sitting next to my mom watching it. Oops!

    And i had forgotten all about the Howard the Duck theme song. So catchy! Damn you, Cecil!

  • Steve:

    I’ve never really seen a lot of behind the scenes stuff on ‘Howard’ but it seems like it would have been a blast to work on, especially for the FX guys. Which would you rather work on, a serious drama, or a movie with a short dude in a fancy duck suit? The effects animators in particular really had a field day.

  • MH:

    A memory. I went to several movies with my parents at the Maine Mall Cinemas. This was one movie I did not see. I did, however, see the cardboard movie display there. I sort of recall others looking at it. It was a large cracked egg, with duck legs pushing out through the bottom. The face of the character was hidden. I thought that was the style of Spielberg and Lucas (since they were tied together)–you remember back then how movies kept their creatures hidden until you saw the movie? It moved, I think, and the cigar’s red light would go on and off. I was surprised George Lucas’ name was associated with the movie (due to the smoking). I, and I think others, wondered what sort of movie this was.

    I think you should go professional. I worked in radio and I think you are one of the top three commentators online.

  • Marco:

    Of course it’s not one of the worst movies of all time….it just has no audience to appeal to now or in the late 80s (except NEEEEERDS ;P). In the 70s maybe. There was THE wave of creative and sometimes insane moviemaking. I have the feeling if it would have been made & released in the 70s it would be a cult classic.

    So…. now I’m calmly waiting for the 21rst century remake….. uncle Dolan & Gooby….. hey, don’t look at me that way, they did a show called “Shit my dad says”!

  • Sue:

    This movie was so much fun! I actually saw it when it came out and had trouble finding it again. I really need to get a copy! Your review made me remember how funny it really is. Thanks 🙂

  • This review makes me want to see Cecil do a “bad bad movies” run.

    That is, movies SO bad, even he can’t find anything redeeming in them.

    • jack:

      He wouldn’t have much to say and it would just likely be another angry rant review like 90% of games/movie reviews.

      If he did a crossover episode like Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe did on Man of Steel with someone else on say a film like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation where they defend it that would be interesting.

      • demonknight:

        There is the upcoming February crossover with Brad Jones.

      • Cecil:

        I’ve thought about it but then it sends the wrong message. Like, what if that video is the first thing someone sees of mine? They then think that I am like every other “angry” internet reviewer guy. Besides, I get a lot of my dislikes out on GJR and Radiodrome.

        I really want to do a video on Man of Steel but I don’t feel like dealing with the backlash. Plus, there is a good chance the youtube police will be all over it if I send it there.

        • jack:

          It would be good if you did a Man of Steel video.

          Would the backlash be from liking or disliking it?

          I can see why some people dislike it but I thought it was a problem more prevalent in the Marvel superhero films and other movies in general like Fast and Furious 6 and Star trek reboot films.

          The part I didn’t like was Costners character as Superman’s dad and how he was portrayed.

          • Cecil:

            I think MoS is a very good movie. I think a lot of the hate comes from people who bashed elements in this movie that they praised in others or went into the film wanting to hate it.

            It’s not perfect but many of the supposed plot holes aren’t plot holes at all if they were actually watching the film instead of storing things to bitch about.

            My concern is how much people seem to have vitriol on the subject. Many seem unwilling to even listen to someone’s argument and immediately strike it down without a valid response. (MOVIE SUCKS)

            I mentioned Avatar the Last Airbender for 2 seconds on my Happening video over 2 years ago and I still get hate mail for it. So doing an entire video defending a movie what is a current hot button of hatred would most likely get me lots of grief. It could potentially get me a lot of attention too but would that outweigh the people calling me a hipster fuckface?

  • Viewer:

    While I do like this movie, I’d really like to have seen the animated version. That could’ve been epic.

  • Kyle:

    Hey Cecil. I’m back! Had a long tough week of school and work so decided to settle in for some more of your awesome reviews! My younger brother and I use to watch this movie all the time, but I think we were in a George Lucas phase because at the same time we would watch Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi over and over again. Question, did he produce Willow? I am not for certain but that’s another classic we enjoyed around the same time.

    When you imitated the stereotypical sassy black woman sass and said, “She’s totally gonna fuck that duck”, I died laughing. You bring such unique humor to your reviews. Priceless. Thanks again and continue the amazing job!

    Also, are you in radio? You have an amazing voice for radio/commentary. Have a great week!


    • Cecil:

      Yay! Welcome back! Thanks!

      I actually got my start in radio which is why I prefer to stay behind the camera. I used to do a little college radio but ended up in a field completely different from that. When podcasts started to become the thing (mid-2000s), I wanted to get into it but didn’t. (long story short) Around 2010 I wanted to make a show to talk about movies and here we are.

      A while ago I joined the long running show Radiodrome, where you can listen to me and some friends talk about movies, tv, etc. I really need to get back to posting the links here.

  • mogens:

    1.crystal skull still made a lot of money plus some fans was begin spieldberg to make a nother indiana jones movie and beside ITS NOT LACKLUSTER ONE DAY IT WILL BE LOVED

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