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I couldn’t think of a hint for this week


So this is a snapshot from the actual movie. What could it be? (extra hint: it’s horror)

17 Responses to “I couldn’t think of a hint for this week”

  • Lucas:

    Death Spa?

  • Sue:

    It looks like Sinister

    • Cecil:

      See above.

      While I liked Sinister a lot, I probably won’t be doing anything with it for quite some time.

  • mogens:

    review more friday and leprechn flms

    • john:

      I think before he said he might do the Friday the 13th franchise but I wish he would review Jason X as that is considered the black sheep of the Jason films and no one as positively properly reviewed it.

      • Cristiona:

        I thought Jason X was tied with Friday the 13th Part… um… whatever: Jason’s Dead. Which, incidentally, is the -only- F13th movie I’ve seen (well, it and Freddy v Jason).

        • Cecil:

          I always thought Jason goes to Hell was the black sheep but then I heard that there was a major dislike of X, which I don’t get at all. X was pure, concentrated fan service. I loved it to pieces. Jason goes to Hell had an awesome opening scene and then the rest was pure garbage.

      • Cecil:

        Yep. I would love to do a proper Friday retrospective but it would take a ton of time and I want to make sure I do it properly. Jason X…is getting some attention soon. Not an episode but I’ll post more when it’s ready.

    • Cecil:

      In due time.

  • Melissa:

    I read the above comments, so I already know that’s Death Spa, but personally, I at first thought that was Prom Night.

    • Melissa:

      I now looked this up on IMDb. Brenda Bakke is listed in the cast. Is this setting up for Under Siege 2 or Demon Knight?

      • Cecil:

        Demon Knight is coming some time before the end of the year. Under Siege 2 is good stuff…I’ll add it to the list.

        • Lucas:

          Perhaps a crossover with your Tales from the Crypt guy is possible. Also, maybe a two-parter with Bordello of Blood.

  • mogens:

    i have all the leprechaun films and my favorie is leprechaun 1 and 4

  • The IMBD synopsis is priceless.

    ” Michael’s health club is beseiged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. Michael’s wife killed herself a while before and her brother holds Michael responsible. Michael needs to stop the bloodshed before he loses all of his clients”

    I mean forget the fact that his wife has killed herself, or that other people are dying too, Mchael needs to stop the bloodshed because he’s losing clients.


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