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Iced – Episode 113

Mr I skied the Alps!

11 Responses to “Iced – Episode 113”

  • Cristiona:

    Yup, that sure was a lot of superfluous sex and nudity.

    Oh man, Airwolf. One of the all time great TV themes.

    Seems like there wasn’t much to say about this one, but it looks fun enough. Might have to see if Netflix has it.

    • Cecil:

      The movie was pretty much nudity, nudity, random death, random death, nudity, end. I enjoyed it very much lol.

      Netflix unfortunately doesn’t have it. It is still stuck in VHS limbo.

  • MH:

    For some reason this movie seemed boring. I like slashers, esp. from the late 1970’s-early 1980’s. It seemed like it had much nudity but was short on violence, and esp. scares. One of the things I like most about slashers is the beginning, when the characters are having a fun time and the killings haven’t really begun. It’s like a fun time (almost like watching “Meatballs”). For some reason, this movie doesn’t seem to have that effect. Was it more fun and scarier than it seemed?
    I got really sick and was admitted to the hospital Thanksgiving with a virus.
    Been looking forward to more Good Bad Flicks videos.

    • Cecil:

      I know a few people who swear by this movie even though it is slow. There is a certain charm to it. I’d say its better than something like Home Sweet Home, which is slow and ridiculous. You are right, the old slashers had that Meatballs summer camp vibe going right up until the deaths started. It was a way to make you feel like these were your chums and how you would root for them to live even though you knew they would most likely die. Now, many of the current day slashers are filled with people who you can’t wait for the killer to dispose of.

      Iced is a fun movie but not really scary, not even a little bit.

      Sorry to hear you got sick, nothing worse than being sick over the holidays. Glad you are feeling better.

      • MH:

        Thank you, Cecil.
        The thing I liked about older slashers is that the characters liked each other, while, maybe around the late 1990’s they seemed to start being angry with and disliking each other.

        • Cecil:

          The old slashers they all seemed like friends. Even the jerks still goofed around with the nerd they brought to the cabin/park/house in the middle of nowhere. They were a cohesive unit. Now, its a bunch of douchbags all trying to screw each other over. They act like jerks and so when they start dying we root for the killer. I understand genres need to evolve but is this really the best direction?

      • Cristiona:

        I think that’s the big difference between a lot of modern slashers and the ones from the 80s. For some reason, most modern horror is full of complete assholes. Probably started happening when Jason and Freddy became more popular. I guess it’s easier to root for the psycho killer when everyone he kills is a jerk, but rooting for a psycho killer always struck me as being really weird.

        • Cecil:

          Even in the later F13’s and NoESs there was really only one jerk per movie. Most of the time there was a group and they were against the bad guy but still were picked off one by one. I’m wondering when the switch happened when the characters all became stereotypes and nothing more than poorly written cannon fodder. I’m thinking maybe when Scream happened? I’m going to have to put my researcher hat on. Got some digging to do.

          • Cristiona:

            Maybe it was with the advent of modern “torture porn”. I know Hostel was full of utter asswipes, and I believe Cabin Fever was too. I’m not sure about Saw, but since those movies were partially about redemption via torture, it seems like they had pretty unlikable protagonists.

            I wonder if it’s more from bad writing than anything intentional; hacks focusing more on the kill and the set-up lead to shallow characters, and shallow characters led to actively unlikable characters.

  • Jr.:

    That theme sound like something from Doom

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    Iced Still Know What You Did Last Winter

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