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Iron Maiden at the Susquehanna Bank Center 6/29

Amazing show, the first time I’ve seen Maiden live. Alice Cooper opened and he put on a really good performance. Maiden played for almost 2 hours nonstop. Song after song, it was incredible seeing them keep up that level of intensity. They played almost every track off of Seventh son of a seventh son, along with a mix of some classics. (Number of the Beast, Aces High) It was ridiculously hot in the venue and everyone was drenched in sweat…it was totally worth it.

The tickets were a birthday present from my awesome wife. We were in the 17th row. (I think I tweeted 23rd row but I miscounted…the rows were labelled with the alphabet not numbers) Great seats, had a very good view of the stage. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

The AVGN was at the concert as well but I didn’t see him while I was there. Kind of hard to find one guy in well over 13,000 people.

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  • Cristiona:

    I’m not the biggest Maiden fan, but holy shit, that sounds awesome. Your wife rules.

    • Cecil:

      It was a great show. Just one of those magic nights where even though it was incredibly hot, everyone still had an incredible time. I didn’t see any fights and for the first time in, well, ever…I didn’t even smell someone smoking weed. I was astonished. A perfect night.

      Yep, I picked a winner. 🙂

  • unrealbe:

    I’ve seen Iron Maiden 4 times, every time a good show,
    Here is a list of show i went to:

    I recommend if you see shows regularly to also keep a list and maybe share with us, its the best way to keep track.

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