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It Follows – Cecil Unscripted – Good Bad Flicks

4 Responses to “It Follows – Cecil Unscripted – Good Bad Flicks”

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    Heh. I still remember Yahtzee’s epic takedown on Jericho 😀
    I just watched It Follows last night and I must agree with everything you said here. I felt the ending was a little anticlimactic but it definitely has me still thinking about it. All of the cast was well-defined, except for maybe Dara (? the one with the glasses).

    • Cecil:

      I’m not sure if they will want my Good Bad Games or not. I am planning on doing Jericho either way.

      Awesome! I don’t think Yara was bad, its just that the others were so good.

  • Justin Lecherous:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Cecil. I can’t wait to go back and see it again!

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