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It’s Friday, Friday…

Well it looks like the remake of Friday the 13th won the vote. I’ve already watched the Blu-ray twice and wrote about 5 pages of notes. I’m going to be watching it a few more times while I script it out. The things I do for you people! Well, at least I get to see Julianna Guill’s amazing rack over and over so that’s a plus.

Anyway, that brings me to a small matter. I enjoy doing these shows and currently the ads in front of the videos pay for the web site. (thank you!) I was thinking of putting the commentary/riff for Friday the 13th over on Rifftrax as one of their “iRiffs”. Now I’m not getting in the habit of charging you guys for stuff, it’s just that this is going to be a lot of work and I think charging 99 cents for it is fair. If there is a way to put it up for free I may just do that and if you feel it is worth a buck you can donate via paypal. If I can sell enough to buy myself a case of Mt Dew Whiteout I’ll be happy. Also, I’m hoping by putting this over there it will expose some new folks to my work and hopefully they’ll check out the site.

So what do you guys think?

6 Responses to “It’s Friday, Friday…”

  • unrealbe:

    I say try it and see how it works out, if you find you get close to no downloads in a reasonable amount of time, try putting it up for free but maybe with an advertisement on it.

    I dont own the dvd so i’m afraid i cant listen to your commentary (yet)

    • Cecil:

      Don’t worry it will be a while before the commentary is finished and I’ll be sure to let people know when it is getting close to release.

      Amazon has the DVD for sale used in very good condition for .65 cents with $3 shipping. If you have Netflix perhaps you could rent it?

  • bastardjackyll:

    I can live with that, but you cannot deny that the amount of support that Team Fog poured out was imressive.

    • Cecil:

      I though The Fog was going to take it there for a while. Well, since it tied with Nightmare I think I’ll do the Fog next, then Nightmare, then Prom Night. After that, hmmmm…Twilight?

  • Cristiona:

    I’m only vaguely aware of how Rifftrax works, and even less familiar with iRiff, but looking over the FAQ and some of the pricings, it seems like $0.99 would be on the cheap side. It looks like you retain full rights the the Riff, so you could always host the file on this site and only charge when it’s nabbed through Rifftrax.

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