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Netflix Instant Recommendations April 10 2015

8 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations April 10 2015”

  • Melissa:

    I watched Animal and liked it, but the ending kind of ruined it for me as the one person who survived the film was honestly not the one I wanted to survive. It doesn’t help that the one I DID want to survive gets killed just five minutes before the ending as a ‘shock’ death. Still I don’t hate it and it least has a better ending than ‘Freddy’s Dead.’

    • Cecil:

      Well, lots of things are better than Freddy’s dead. 🙂

      • Melissa:

        True, there ARE many things worse than ‘Freddy’s Dead’, but still, killing off KeKe Palmer was a move they should not have done. I mean seriously, she’s basically the main character but nope, we get stuck with that girl from Victorious!

        • Cecil:

          Are you thinking of someone else? KeKe Palmer wasn’t in Freddy’s Dead.

          • Melissa:

            I know KeKe Palmer wasn’t in ‘Freddy’s Dead.’ I’m talking about how KeKe Palmer was killed off in ‘Animal.’ Her character was pretty much the movie’s protagonist and she gets killed at the end by the titular animal.

          • Cecil:


            Thats what I get for answering at like 4 in the morning. 😛

  • jack:

    You liked Warzone? Why? That movie was terrible.

    I liked 2004 Punisher the best that is one of my favourite comic book movies maybe in the top 5 although I actually liked Lundgren as the Punisher more. Thomas Jane was good as Frank Castle but I would have preferred someone whose comes of as a little tough like early 90’s Mickey Rourke before his boxing career.

    The 89 version with Yakuza as the villains just didn’t really work.

    Unbreakable is probably one of the most underrated films I have seen that I didn’t see until years later because of all the hype surrounding The Sixth Sense that I didn’t think was all that great.

    • Cecil:

      Warzone was so over the top ridiculous, I enjoyed it.

      2004 Punisher is the better movie but I adore the Lundgren one.

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