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Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 17 2015

19 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations Jan 17 2015”

  • Sour Crowd:

    Yo, Frankenstein 😀

  • Jr.:

    I’ve gotta agree with you about I, Frankenstein. I liked it alot more than people were giving it credit for. That being said, I don’t think they fully realized the potential that the movie couldve had. Adam just sort of came off as generic tough demon hunter instead of something recognizable as Frankenstein. It was missing that special something that Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters had. Bill Nighy was a riot though. Thanks for the vid!

    • Cecil:

      Oh it definitely could have been better but as it was, it was entertaining. It didn’t deserve the thrashing it got, especially when 2014 had Ride Along, The Nut Job, Blended, and a Haunted House 2.

      Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters was terrific! I need to pick that up on Blu, thats a worthy purchase.

  • Cristiona:

    Jonny Lee Miller? Say no more! Added!

    • Roy:

      He’s a hoot on “Elementary”. 🙂

      Cecil, you’re right about “American Dad” being liked by those who don’t like “Family Guy” because “AD” is more subversive than “FG”.

      Though it had some rough edges, Turtles 2014 was decent, IMO. It won’t replace the 1990 film, but they equally share the same B-movie, IMO.

      Check out Aaron Eckhart in the dark comedy “Towelhead”. Like “The Babysitters”, this is a tough film to watch.

      • Cecil:

        American Dad is the smarter show. Sure, it has it’s “dumb” moments but when it wants to, it nails some unexpected stuff.

        Turtles 2014 was better than I thought it would be but still had issues. The turtles were too huge. They were built like linebackers and not what I would call ninjas. The CGI looked straight out of Transformers. (not surprising being from Bay’s fx house) The action was terrible. The story was really really about April O’Neil and not so much the turtles. I did like the story and thought that it captured their personalities well. If it was done with another studio and director I think it could have been a much better movie.

        I’ll talk more about it when I do my best/worst of 2014. (its not in the worst, I just will talk about it)

    • Cecil:

      I’m glad he is making a resurgence, I’ve always liked the guy ever since Hackers.

  • mogens:

    1.I am sorry but hammer films frankenstein is better 2.I Wonder why is it that no one talks about The other hellraiser films 3.I Can wait until you next deathstalker review

  • jack:

    Glad to see you liked I, Frankenstein shame it flopped though.

    I enjoyed it as a mindless fun action film like the Resident Evil films and understand why people wouldn’t like it but it doesn’t deserve to be added to list of worst films of the year that I have seen on a few lists considering all the stinkers released in 2014.

  • MH:

    Finished “All Is Lost” and watched the “Hunger Games” sequel and struggled, as I was getting bored in parts. Watched these on Amazon, and then put on (Amazon again), “I, Frankenstein”, and it seemed absurd, but, it did something the other two did not… It held my interest. When I saw it was based on a comic book/graphic novel, it made sense, for it seemed like one, and was how a comic book movie should be, rather than the slow, dark, brooding direction that has been taken, such as with “Man of Steel”. Usually there are maybe four to six action set-pieces in a movie, but this had several, and that surprised and pleased me.
    Have a Netflix recommendation for you… Steven Spielberg’s episode, “The Mission”, with score by John Williams from “Amazing Stories”. The episode right after with Gregory Hines is surprisingly dark and scary (esp. for NBC in the 1980’s). The Spielberg episode I have watched many times over the years and seems like a Spielberg movie than an episode of a show, and the score by Williams is one of his best. It even got its own CD release years ago.

    • Cecil:

      I really need to go back and watch those Amazing Stories. Some were better than others (such is the usual with anthologies) but I don’t remember any of them being outright bad.

  • demonknight:

    I, Frankenstein was the only movie to ever put me to sleep in the theater. Fucking awful, that one.

    Furthermore, whatever happened to that crossover with Brad you were talking about last year? I assume it’ll be Vampire’s Kiss. If so, waiting is a good idea, as it comes to Blu Ray from Scream Factory next month (in a double with High Spirits).

    • Cecil:

      Wow really? I didn’t think it was bad at all but to each their own.

      Still planning on the Brad crossover but when I found out my wife was pregnant, life decided to hit fast forward. So, I’m looking to do the crossover in the spring now that I am a little more settled back into my new reality. We are doing The Perils of Gwendaline in the land of the Yik-Yak.

  • Melissa:

    I notice how you said ‘Pile of Mediocrity’ and not ‘Pile of Shit’ when describing the 2014 TMNT adaption. Does that mean you don’t think it’s completely bad?

    Also, I’ve watched ‘Venom’ and my only gripe with the film is that they killed off Meagan Good. Poor girl’s been in 4 horror movies and she hasn’t survived one. Which is a shame because she is one of the most beautiful and talented women alive.
    PS, So glad you liked I. Frankenstein, not a fan of American Dad though. However, more power to you if you like it.

    • Cecil:

      I liked TMNT 2014 more than I thought I would. It had shining moments but overall, it kept drifting back into “meh”. I’ll talk more about it on my best/worst of 2014. (its not going on the best or the worst, I just want to talk a little about it)

      I like her too! She was good (I tried to think of another word) in DEBS. Such a ridiculous movie.

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