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Netflix Instant Recommendations June 19 2015

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  • The Viewer:

    Sorry for the complete off-topic, Cecil, but I’ve got to mention after listening to your 1989 “horrors under the sea” Radiodrome episode, that there’s actually a 1998 survival horror game (and total Resident Evil clone with slightly better controls) by SEGA for Sega Saturn called Deep Fear, that’s set on a deep sea research facility under the Pacific, where you play ex-SEAL John Mayor who must deal with an alien infection that’s mutating people into The Thing and no one knows who’s infected, and who isn’t. Also, since the monsters can’t survive in areas with lots of oxygen, they destroy the oxygen pump, so you have to beat the clock as well. Oh, and the facility caught the infection, because an ape sent decades ago into space came back in its capsule in stasis, and the capsule crashlanded in the ocean near the facility, so the researches rescued the ape and than shit hit the fan.

    You did the Drome, you reviews Leviathan and you’ve played Cold Feer, so could you please now play Deep Fear for us as well? 🙂 It looks spooky and hilarious. Supposedly, emulation works fine in this game’s case.

    Here’s a quick review of the game, by a cool Australian guy from TGWTG/Channel Awesome.
    His show’s called Leftover Culture Review and he’s also on Youtube.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve heard of this before but for some reason I thought it was an entirely different game. Looking up some images on google and it looks wonderful! I have Jericho in the mix for the next GBG but I’ll check this out for the future. I’m always up for a new survival horror game. We don’t seem to be getting quite as many these days that aren’t Slender clones.

      On that note, I really feel the 3rd person perspective works the best for survival horror. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis, Obscure, Cold Fear, Manhunt, hell even Gears of War which wasn’t survival horror but had SH elements that worked great.

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