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Netflix Instant Recommendations March 27 2015

4 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations March 27 2015”

  • MH:

    Watched CAM2CAM… a while ago. Thought the opening was scary… and it seemed like it might be something special, like “Alyce Kills”… but then, as it went on… not so much.
    Looked at “Spiders 3D” a while ago as well and was surprised it was “PG-13”. The gore, with a body cut in half, seemed to be pushing the rating. I think they got away with it because it was more a fantasy/nature horror film.

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, that was why I put the disclaimer on Cam2Cam. I thought it was interesting but knew it wouldn’t work for everyone. Some pretty locations though.

      Spiders 3D did push it but I think being a DTV mnvie helped, kind of like how the Asylum gets stuff on Syfy uncut. (well, uncut for violence but they trim any language or nudity)

  • Roy:

    “A Different World”…want some nice facts about this criminally-underrated spin-off?

    Marisa Tomei only appeared in the first season before leaving for film. Wonder what happened to her…:)

    Debbie Allen (Lydia from the 1980 version of “Fame” and the TV series and sister of Phylicia Rashad) produced and directed a good amount of the episodes. She noted in an interview that the series influenced both white and black teenagers to go to college at the time of the show’s run (including me, but I was also influenced by “Animal House”. Go figure…:))

    Series regulars Darryl Bell, Jasmine Guy, Dawnn Lewis (Hermes’s wife on “Futurama”) and Kadeem Harrison (my favorite) appeared in the somewhat similar-themed film “School Daze”, directed by Spike Lee.

    Series regular Cree Summer (another favorite) has a great voice career, before, during and after the show. Her dad, Don Francks, also a voice actor, was a regular on the first “Nikita” TV series (RIP Alberta Watson) while her brother Rainbow Sun was a regular on “Stargate Atlantis”.

    Glynn Turman, who played military recruiter Brad Taylor, was in the first “Gremlins”, “The Wire” and was a regular on the classic prime-time soap “Peyton Place”.

    Jada Pinkett Smith(“Hawthorne”, “Gotham”) appeared as a regular in the show’s final season.

    Well, that’s it. Good recommendation, looking forward to more reviews and remember…”Guns don’t kill people, but they sure help!” (You should do an exploration of “Shoot ‘Em Up”).

    • Cecil:

      I think A Different World really took off after Bonet left. It let the show focus on the other characters who were far more interesting.

      While Dwayne Wayne was fawning over Whitley, I really was into (Cree Summer) Freddie. She was the fun one while Whitley was stuffy, boring, and not really that attractive.

      Exploring Shoot em up is in the mix. 🙂

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