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Netflix Instant Recommendations May 2 2014

4 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations May 2 2014”

  • Mike M:

    I’m not lying, but The Running Man is top 5 in my all time list ( and that includes classics like Brazil and Seven Samurai). So many great one liners, no shaky cam, and absolutely relevant to where we are today as a society.

    • Cecil:

      I’ve seen the Running Man so many times over the years. Such an awesome flick and really, we are just a few laws away from having the show become a reality. Just look at how ridiculous reality tv has become.

  • MH:

    I so look forward to your videos, and got excited when I saw a new one was posted.
    “One of my all time favorite movies.” I would not have guessed. I would then say that you need to do a video on Steven Spielberg films (my favorite director).

    • Cecil:

      Close Encounters has always had this magical element to it. It still looks amazing and is one of those kinds of movies that just doesn’t get made today. Even Spielberg said he wouldn’t be able to make it today.

      He is a great director but he seems to have lost his way. His skills are as sharp as always but his subject matter has been…not as good as his old stuff. Still, I’ll take a “bad” Spielberg film over just about any of the Bay school of music video directors we have today.

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