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Netflix Instant Recommendations May 29 2015

3 Responses to “Netflix Instant Recommendations May 29 2015”

  • Luis:

    Hi, im a big fan of your videos and WTF and mis. videos, the one about the PG-13 rating is my favorite. It really is a shame that there is double dipping in the industry. You make some great recommends on netflix and you have turned me onto some good movies, also you showed me daredevil in a new light for me. I was wondering you would want to make videos about your favorite NR and director cut movies, you always made mention of the proper cuts of films in your exploring videos. It always catches my interest and I cant be the only one.

    • Cecil:


      Studios right now seem to be more interested in finding new ways to sell us the same product. Hence why a PG-13 movie is released into theaters and then the R rated version is released on DVD. They also have been doing the “release the DVD with no features” and then months later they release it again fully loaded.

      There are a lot of movies out there where the proper cut is essential. Look at Heaven’s Gate. That movie was panned for years and finally, after much work the full restored version of the film was released and is heralded as a masterpiece.

  • mogens:

    how dare the Blockbuster buster busting blues Brothers 2000 and say that ghostbusters 2 is a rehash

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