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Nominate me for the Golden Critic Awards!

Well, the 2nd annual Golden Critics Awards are here and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would give me some nominations.

Copy/Pasta the nomination ballot below into an email and send to before October 31st.

I bolded the ones I think I would be most applicable for. Episodes like Best Writing and Best Comedic performance want a specific episode.

Also, feel free to nominate any other folks who you enjoy. I’m sure I’m not the only internet reviewer/show you watch!

Thank you in advance! I appreciate the support! Lets bring home some wins!



Best Podcast –

Best Writing

Best Visual Appeal –

Best Comedic Performance

Best Breakthrough Internet Personality – A talented individual who started making videos after September 1, 2011.

Best Male Internet Personality

Best Female Internet Personality –

Most Informative Series

Best Series

Best Original Series –

Best Video

Best Original Video –

The GCA Achievement Award – Someone who has contributed to the medium for a year or more, please include a short paragraph explaining why that person deserves the award.

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