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Oblivion – Episode 62

Jim…beam me up.

14 Responses to “Oblivion – Episode 62”

  • perfectcirlce:

    Hi there!

    I am getting more and more concerned the more of your videos i watch. The thing that scares me is that i have seen most od the flicks you talk about here. Is all hope lost? Should i seek help? ;o)

    Now seriously, i greatly enjoy your reviews even if most are just reminders of how much wierd shit i have seen allready. Mostly for all the additional info about the movies you provide.
    Keep it up and surprise me something i have never heard of! ^^


    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I haven’t even scratched the surface of the weird stuff in my library. I’ll do my best to get some crazy flicks you’ve never seen!

      I’m glad you like the shows and I’m glad you like the additional info. It’s not always easy to find some of that stuff out so knowing it is appreciated make it worthwhile. 🙂

  • Michelle:

    This is honestly some of the best work about bad movies I’ve ever found online. Some of thar I’ve seen, some I always meant to see but never did ( like this particular film). I’m wondering if Re-Animator will ever make it up here.

  • Cristiona:

    Sounds like there’s a LOT of Gunsmoke references in this movie, too. From Miss Kitty (who ran a saloon/brothel) to her distress over the marshal’s death (Miss Kitty and Dillon were an item) to the doctor being a drunk (he was a borderline drunk on the radio drama).

    I love it when goofy movies like this are far more clever than they have any right to be.

    • Cecil:

      Really? I wasn’t aware of that, although I never really got into Gunsmoke. It doesn’t surprise me though because Band did grow up with westerns and this was his homage to them.

  • As the writer of the movie in question, I just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining overview of a film that brings back very pleasant memories. I appreciate your noting that George ad-libbed all the “Star Trek” in-jokes; fans have been blaming me for “Jim, Beam me up” for years.

    The beer joke, by the way, wasn’t product placement. Product placement is something specific: Money is given to the producer in exchange for the reference. Full Moon received no money from any beer company. I just put it into the script on my own because I thought it’d be funny to stick in a non-sequitur commercial since typically in westerns, you DON’T have to worry about product placement. To me the notion was, you can go to the very fringes of outer space and commercials will still follow you. In retrospect, I might have been a little too meta in my thinking.

    Oh, and hey: that $2.5 million budget? That was for TWO films, my friend. OBLIVION and BACKLASH were shot simultaneously. And for Full Moon, that was big budget.


    • Cecil:

      Wow, thanks for the praise! Coming from the writer of the movie I take this as a huge compliment.

      I don’t get the fans groaning over all the Trek references. George’s delivery is very funny and it fits in with the campy tone of the movie.

      The beer joke did make me laugh but I always figured it was product placement taken to the “Wayne’s World” level. It was funny and it’s a shame you didn’t get paid for it.

      Yeah, after I did the episode I discovered that the 2.5 mil was for both films. (which is massive for a Full Moon production) I’m doing Backlash at some point and I was going to make that correction. Speaking of which, since you wrote that as well do you have any cool stories or facts you would care to share? I live for this stuff! Please email me at if you have anything you would like care to share about the Backlash, Full Moon, even Trancers if you want!

      Thanks again!

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    Sweet Peter David appearance! When you linked the slow-motion in this movie to Bullet-time, I was really thinking about “The Longest Second” from, you guessed it, Trancers.

  • mogens:

    1.11:arhh Cecil hands run away run away

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