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One Man’s Justice – Episode 180

Stay tuned at the end for a link to another Wreckless Eating Challenge!

13 Responses to “One Man’s Justice – Episode 180”

  • Jr.:

    Finally! We’re back to the Brian Bosworth action flicks! You were spot on when you said that they don’t make them like these anymore. Everything’s too flashy or serious ever since The Matrix and the Bourne movies came out, not saying that I don’t enjoy those movies.

    I totally didn’t realize that was Bruce Payne as the main villain. The hair totally threw me off. How many movie villains have their own Facebook page? Very little i guess. Thanks for the vid, Cecil! Great job!

    • Cecil:

      I think action movies have suffered the most in this wave of “new” Hollywood. It seems everyone forgot how to make some big explosions, gun fights, car chases, etc and make them fun. Like you said, now everything is too flashy or serious or both.


  • MH:

    This looked familiar… “If this has a rooftop fight at the end, then it is the movie”…. Now I know why it is familiar. Back in Lancaster, PA, on Comcast, one morning, I decided to sit through this “cheesy”/low budget action film, since I had kind of “missed out” on them… and I actually enjoyed it (the final fight was better than I had expected for the low budget film it was). So much so, I thought to do it again with other movies like this. I could not remember what the movie was, however… I remembered it was sunny outside when I watched it, and sunny in the movie and that there was a martial arts rooftop fight. I am surprised, and glad to see this.

  • Roy:

    I’m glad you reviewed this film since it was one of my early suggestions, when I discovered your website and videos.

    Kober, a regular of the soap “Falcon Crest”, was the bad guy in the supernatural thriller “The First Power” with Lou Diamond Phillips and Melanie Griffith’s sister, Tracy.

    Good work, Cecil. 🙂

    • Cecil:


      Kober is just so good at being a bad guy. I was really happy to see him pop up on the Walking Dead last year.

      See! I get to everything eventually. 🙂

  • mogens:

    Watch worse The Cat in The hat or The Love guru?

  • Viewer:

    Good find. You might also like Steve Railsback’s Private Wars (1993) (V)
    ! The AWESOME Trailer: !
    and Fred Williamson and Maud Adams’ The Kill Reflex (1989) aka “Soda Cracker”.

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    OMG that dubstep gun was hilarious! Well done, Cecil. I guess those are used for ‘Urban Pacifier-ification’.

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