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Outlast – Survival Horror that is Genuinely Scary!


After a busy couple of weeks, I had some free time so I wanted to play a game I had been looking forward to for quite a while. I saw this game at PAX earlier in the year and have been eagerly waiting for it to come out.

Not only do I like horror movies but I enjoy horror games. Now, most horror games aren’t really scary. They have some jump moments but nothing really bad. This is something else. While yes it does have an occasional jump scare, the overall atmosphere is what makes it scary beyond that so when something really horrific happens it is so much worse.

It kind of feels like a mixture of Manhunt and Silent Hill 2.

It’s PC only as of currently. I have Grand Theft Auto V coming in a day or two but I don’t know if I will be able to pull myself away from this.

6 Responses to “Outlast – Survival Horror that is Genuinely Scary!”

  • mogens:

    in my opinjien cecil the resident evil games start going down hill after the 4th game

  • john:

    I played Amnesia the 1st game and I just did not like the game and found it boring that a lot of indie games try to mimic the same 1st person perspective gameplay.

    I like a horror game that is not too much action like the Resident Evil games 4 and onwards but I like there to be some action and story in a horror game rather than just be a silent protagonist and rely on Insidious type boo scares.

    I was not at all impressed with The Evil Within that looked to heavy on the action with what was shown at E3 but the TGS trailer actually makes the game look good apart from the bit at the end like the 1st Resident Evil game but with standard RE4 style camera and controls.

    • Cecil:

      The thing with horror games is you have to kind of let yourself get into them in order to be scared. If you play with the lights on and just run around like its Gears of War then you won’t enjoy it. (not saying that is what you did, just that is what I’ve seen a lot of people do)

      Horror games like Amnesia are intentionally slow because they ramp up the scares. You can’t come out all guns blazing because it just won’t be effective when the end rolls around. They have to give a steady progression until finally letting the shit hit the fan at the end.

      I like the newer Resident Evil games (post 4) but prefer the old ones, especially the Gamecube version of 1. They had survival horror down. The Silent Hill series also does an extraordinary job of slowly upping the tension while adding in bits of story.

      If you didn’t like Amnesia you probably won’t like Outlast. It is similar but different. IMHO it takes the best ideas of Amnesia and removes some of the stuff that didn’t work while incorporating its own concepts to make it feel unique. Its a slow burn and really, nothing much happens for the first half hour or so…which for me was perfect because when it finally did happen, I jumped out of my chair.

  • john:

    Did you ever play any of the 90’s FMV horror games on the PC like Ripper and Phantasmagoria 1 and 2?

    Apparently there was a Japanese only PS2 FMV horror game called The Fear released in 2001 on 4 DVD’s.

    • Cecil:

      Never played ripper but I have played Phantasmagoria 1-2. (I also have them on GoG) Freaky stuff that was ahead of its time. Sure they look dated now but they were revolutionary when they were released. There are some great scary FMV games out there but those were 2 of the best.

      Never heard of The Fear before but now I want to play it! Bummer it is Japanese language only I would love to play this with subs. Oh well. I am playing Michigan: Report from Hell for a future Good Bad Games.

      Oh! You should track down a game called D. A short but freaky adventure game. Graphics are dated but I think the story is really cool. It had a few sequels but each one was a different concept. (one was in the arctic and the other in space)

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