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Phantasm – Episode 153

45 Responses to “Phantasm – Episode 153”

  • Eric S:

    Great movie. Good review and … what the hell was that at the end of the episode?? Was that from some weird interactive CD or online game, or laser disc special feature?? That intro was weak ^_^

    • Viewer:

      Just Google the quote… It’s a (in)famous scene turned meme from the classic PS1 action rpg scrolling game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from 1997.
      Here’s the clip from the game with the dialogue in question:

    • Cecil:

      I was about to explain the problems with the intro and then I saw who posted this. LOL

      The intro was fine, sir. Not your best but it wasn’t your fault. Wait until people see the Golden Axe one though, that is amazing.

      As others have said, the stinger was from Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

      • jack:

        Can’t wait to see your Golden Axe Beast Rider review a game that has been universally panned by everyone. πŸ™‚

        • Cecil:

          The game is fantastic. After playing through it again I remembered just how much fun it was.

          It’s been rough putting this together, I hope I can get it out before the end of the month.

  • jack:

    Was that in one of Ultima games you were referencing at the end?

  • Viewer:

    Hey, if you do cover the sequels eventually as well, please give some love for Reggie! I know he’s more prominent in the sequels, but this guy is a key element to this franchise as much as everything else. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, it’s just amazing what Don managed to do with so little money. And most people would give up after years-long production cycle, but not this guy. If only he made that freaking final fifth film! I can’t believe he can’t come up with something that wouldn’t cost much and close the story somehow. His latest movies could’ve easily been adapted to be sequels to this (and would only benefit from that). Stupid Hollywood for not seeing the potential in this franchise. This is exactly the type of horror I like – where heroes are active people, not passive victims waiting to be taken out, and villain is powerful and very imposing, but not without weakness. The creative mysterious plot and often dream-like mindfuckery can’t hurt either. I’d say, it’s the 70’s way of making horrors, but that’s not really it. It’s Coscarelli’s vision. And that theme song is legendary!

    How come you didn’t reference the Dune scene “pain is the mind-killer”, when Dune also had a suspiciously similar scene with the hand in the box. Maybe Don is a fan of the books.

    If you get around to it, please do his/Lance’s Survival Quest as well!

    • Mauddib:

      I too thought of the Gom Jabbar the first time I saw that scene.

    • Cecil:

      I love Reggie. (I even has the cds from his real band!) However, in the first movie he was just a supporting character. The film was really about Mike. He takes center stage in the sequels and so I plan on focusing on him starting with 2.

      Don makes awesome, original movies for relatively little money. Such a shame 2 didn’t do so well theatrically, it showed how much Coscarelli could thrive with a few extra bucks. Seriously, Phantasm 2 has enough cool moments for 2 movies! The sequels are good in their own way but you can tell they are struggling with the budget.

      I decided to cut the Dune stuff for time. Yes, he is a big fan of Dune.

      Survival Quest is fantastic! I spoke with Henriksen about it and he is very proud of the film.

      • Viewer:

        Yeah, Survival Quest is definitely one of the more pleasant surprises when it comes to Lance’s lesser known movies. I’m really glad to hear he enjoyed making it, since in the movie he often looks like he’s enjoying himself. If you decide to cover the film, you must include Lance’s comments about making of the movie!

  • Cristiona:

    Was half expecting to hear the Litany Against Fear there with the box.

    This series was always one that caught my eye when I would browse the shelves at the video rental place back when I was little. The box art was always so evocative and I was always curious, but knew I was likely too squeamish. This and the Puppet Master series. Probably some of the best box art out there.

  • mogens:

    1.iam sorry for saying this again cecil but hasent lupa already review phantasm?
    2.reggie is listed in springwodds slasers top 10 horror heroes

    • demonknight:

      So? Lupa has also reviewed Cool as Ice, Gymkata, and The Fly II. Cecil is clearly aware f her work, having done the Traxx crossover and the live riff of Cop Rock. By the way, aren’t you the same person who keeps asking for him to do movies the Nostalgia Critic has done?

  • demonknight:

    Happy to say this was my third slasher movie ever, after Halloween 1&2. I watched the second and third within a month. Because of the meh feeling 3 left me with, I didn’t watch the much better fourth until right before the release of John Dies at the End. That said, I am in a minority. I hated Bubba HoTep, and I watched it twice and read the short story, just to make sure.

  • Angus Scrimm? Sounds like a character you’d read about in Harry Potter.

    It is funny though that when this post came up in my feed reader, it was nestled between two blogs talking about Mondo’s new poster for “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.”

  • jack:

    Will you be doing a best and worst films of 2013 video this year?

  • mogens:

    yesh sorry for asking

  • Jr.:

    Okay, take a deep breath and… I’m sad to say I’ve never seen Phantasm. Ive always heard about it, but its never a movie you usually see on TV. From the looks of this review, it looks absolutely awesome and in process of tracking down a copy of the movie. I never knew that the Cerebral Bore from Turok was inspired from this! They really need to get off their asses and make a good Turok game again. Great review, as always!

  • Katie:

    have you seen the fangoria commercial?

  • mogens:

    at least i am not saying FIRST like in cinnemassacre comment secsion

  • Mike M:

    Great film and way to give Entombed props…that was a classic death metal album

  • Steve:

    Cracked up at the SOTN bit at the end…..great stuff!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks! I was hoping folks would get it. It was too long to put in the episode, which is why I stuck it as the stinger.

      • Steve:

        Guess who’s going to a screening of Phantasm followed by a Q&A with Don Coscarelli this coming weekend. I’ve never been in to stuff like this much, Whatever-Cons, Horror-fest’s, etc, but when I heard about this I was all over it. It’s just a small memorobilia show followed by a screening – sounds awesome.

        • Cecil:

          AWESOME. I love that kind of stuff. I missed an opportunity to see a Q&A with John Leguizamo and another with Alex O’Loughlin.

  • Jim:

    ENTOMBED PROPS! Now if you can get a Dismember mention somewhere in a review too….hehehehe Great review Cecil!

  • demonknight:

    To anyone interested, my Good Bad Flicks month went off pretty well. 19 films you have already done, and Vulgar, which Cecil said he would eventually do (Netflix was supposed to send Street Fighter but skipped two movies down…).
    Best? Spice World, Cherry 2000, Harley Davidson, Dr. Giggles, Hackers
    Worst? The Apple, by far (coming from someone who has Rocky Horror and Phantom of the Paradise in their top 10), Priest, The Happening, Fear (didn’t do anything for me, liked Petersen and that’s about it)

    Other titles were: Judge Dredd, I Am Number Four, The Guyver, The Kiss, Split Second, Mortal Kombat, Shark Night, Deep Blue Sea (shocked that Tom Jane was the best part of the movie, not Sam Jackson), Howard the Duck, and Cyclone.

    Not bad. Not bad. Plus, I just blind bought a triple feature with Oblivion, Bad Channels, and Laserblast. And my local library has Prom and Chernobyl Diaries, so I’ll eventually get to those.

  • Jim:

    OH, If you ever review Creepshow 2 you can mention how Nile completely ripped off the melody to the end theme of that film in “Lashed to the Slave Stick”

    • Cecil:

      Anthology movies are tough to write for so I tend to skip them even though I really enjoy a bunch of them. (V/H/S, Cat’s Eye, Nightmares)

  • mogens:

    top 10 anojing charaktor(again sorry for mis speling) tipton from life on deck/ shes anoying winy and a idiot and a fol
    2.ashley from resident evil 4/LEON LEON that is all i need too say
    3.leo from lab rats/ HE IS LAME AND NOT COOL AT ALL
    4.CRASH FROM CRASH AND BERNSTIN/he is mean and idiot and a jerk and a muppet ripoff
    5.the cops from first rambo movie/they are just soo hatefull that you just want too stap and kill them
    soo what do you guys think?

  • snatcher33:

    I was a little worried when I saw you were going to be doing my beloved “Phantasm” as I don’t consider it a “Bad Flick”. But, of course, you didn’t disappoint Cecil. I always love your reviews and all the little tidbits thrown in. I am actually a fan of the 2nd one more than the first, so I can’t wait to see you do “Phantasm II”. I really hope they get around to finally making the 5th one, as “Phantasm IV” left a real bitter taste in my mouth.

    • Cecil:

      I saw the original when I was way too young and it always left an impression on me. I poked fun at it but I love the film dearly.

      Phantasm 2 is absolutely the superior film though. I think even Coscarelli would say that.

      IV was a good chunk of leftover footage from the original, to fill in the blanks. I don’t know the full story on that one but I’m sure it has to do with someone screwing him out of his budget. I also hope he can one day make V and send the serious out on an high note.

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