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Pieces – Episode 92


15 Responses to “Pieces – Episode 92”

  • Cristiona:

    Stupid Isaac Newton and his stupid Laws of Motion making sex on a waterbed suck.

    Gardener Red Herring there looks like a chunky Billy Mays.

    • Cecil:

      LOL stupid Isaac Newton! Him and his stupid apple!

      Holy crap Willard does look like chunky Billy Mays. I actually had a segment where I talked about Paul Smith (Willard) and how he was also Bluto in the live action Popeye. I had to cut it for time.

      • Cristiona:

        He was Bluto? Damn, I see that now. Too bad it had to be cut. I love those little tidbits.

        • Cecil:

          Yep, he was Bluto. Nice guy too. Very professional.

          Because of stupid youtube and their draconian rules, they cut my time to 15 minutes. (I know I can go as long as I want through Blip but I cross post to youtube and I don’t want to cut out that audience entirely…although there may come a point where I have to if they strike me again) I have a lot of cut material from this week, I’m thinking of putting it up as a “deleted scenes” kind of video. I have something with the BASTARD! that should be seen.

          • Cristiona:

            …and yet people can put together 10 hour loops of nonsense. I don’t understand you, Youtube.

          • Cecil:

            Exactly. It’s frustrating because I have no recourse. Even though what I’m doing is covered under fair use if a copyright holder complains YT yanks the video and gives me a warning. I can argue until I’m blue in the face and it won’t make a difference.

            I find it funny since I defended the film. I was talking about how movies like Human Centipede have to be made in order to keep pushing the medium forward. However, all they saw was “omg they have clips from our movie!” Cease and Desist!!!!

            I make what I consider to be an entertaining original weekly programming but in YT’s eyes the little kid that can fart the alphabet looped for 10 hours is more important.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Jesus Christ, why did I watch this while I was drinking coffee? I almost choked from laughing so hard! BASTAAAARD!!!

    LOL @ ending with the “cheesy score”.

  • Will:

    A few notes about my experience with this review:

    1)First off, it was awesome. Great job (as always)

    2)I need to preface my next few statements with the fact that my three year old daughter’s favorite thing to watch is MST3K’s Pod People

    3)Thus. . .when you put Trumpy in a funny place, she perked up. This is disturbing on many levels, especially when she asked ‘where did Trumpy go?’

    4)I think the blonde detective was also in Pod People as one of the illegal hunters always bitching about Rangers.

    5)My daughter snuck up on me while I watched this eating dinner. . .she cried out, as if pleased and with a giggle “look at all that blood daddy!’. I hope I’m raising my daughter right!


    • Cecil:

      1) 🙂

      2) I’ve actually seen Pod People with and without MST3k.

      3) lol Trumpy was doing a good job of blocking

      4) I don’t remember but considering how many of these directors stick with the same actors, I wouldn’t be surprised

      5) She sounds like a good egg to me!

      6) hehehehe, I often tell people not to eat or drink while watching an episode! I’m in debt over all these keyboards and monitors!

      On a side note…holy crap that sounds great. I’m a big Key Lime fan. For the holiday I got a Key Lime cake (the peppridge farm one) and it was delightful.

  • Will:

    Oops. . .

    6)You owe me for a new keyboard. I was eating a Key Lime Pie Custard Concrete Mixer from Culver’s when you did your BRILLIANT take on the ‘you know what they say about sugar’ sequence. I pretty much lost control of the spoonful that was in my mouth at the time.


  • Stephen:

    “looks like the idiot’s in control now”- lol. well played, my friend, well played.

  • Jr.:

    Great episode, def a classic I have to catch. Speaking of The Shadow, he’s a character that’s overdue for another movie, despite the fact that I highly enjoy the Alec Baldwin version.

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