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Plus and Minus


Here is the hint for this week’s movie. It’s so much better than what that other guy did.

20 Responses to “Plus and Minus”

  • Cristiona:

    House Of The Hot Babes?

  • Marco:

    Haunted Hill? It’s trashy but not from Uwe Boll and has a hot brunette ^^.

    Btw… that pic of Uwe Boll is so damn awesome. He is the unlikeable Ed Wood of our times. Beware of his cult in the future!

    • Cecil:


      My biggest problem with Boll was how much he set back video game movies. The biggest problem with his movies is they commit the ultimate movie sin…they are boring. I can’t understand how he can take some of the subjects he has and still turn it into a dull mess. I don’t hate the guy and ultimately, I don’t fault him for taking advantage of his situation but still.

      The big difference between Boll and Wood is that Wood really believed he was a good director. Boll knows he is shit.

      • Marco:

        I once was angry every time his name popped up in relation to a possible new movie. Now I think his time is over. It seems the money laundering scheme he had is not working anymore and everybody knows about his bad skills.

        And in regard to Video Game Movies I have to say, that after the first extremly bad results, people should have known better. They gave a damn and brought their licences to the slaughter. The publishers are as much to blame as he is.

        I haven’t seen much of his “work”. I couldn’t finish Postal and I was embarrassed for Kristanna Loken (holy shit…. her acting skills in Bloodrayne are beyond everything I have seen till then). Alone in the Dark on the other hand was somehow fun…. in a bad bad way.

        My point about his future cult was half joking…. the other half I guess will become true. He is already a legend when it comes to terrible Movies and deserved fan hatred.

        To finish up a long post with a sad note: After watching a Review from your fellow Agonybooth Reviewer David Rose I’ve come to the conclusion that John Capenter is the anti Boll. He never got much money for his movies and he never earned much with them but dear god is he a genius! The world is unfair! Sorry for the blasphemy to name them together in once sentence ^^.

        • john:

          I actually liked the 1st Bloodrayne and the action scenes were hilarious like when she fights that deformed monster monk guarding the eye and the attack on the monetary with cheesy practical special effects.

          I thought Alone in the Alone in the Dark was OK. Nothing great but nothing particularly terrible either.

          I watched Postal thinking with all the hype Boll was giving it might be decent but ended up tedious and boring. That is the problem with all of his films now with the exception of Rampage (non video game film) that was actually good his films now are boring that at least his early films has some entertainment value even if it was unintentional funny.

          There is or was an anti-Boll cult now it is Michael Bay but he is a competent film maker it just that he makes big dumb action blockbuster movies because he knows they make a ton of money.

          • Cecil:

            After House of the Dead I gave him another shot with Alone in the Dark. It is funny at points but it does what all Boll movies do, they get boring. There is never a balance between dialog and action it is always all of one or all of the other.

            In the documentary he talks about how the actors and actresses he hires often blow off the script and he has no control over that. YES HE DOES. He is the damn director. The first job of the director is to control the actors. Now sometimes things happen and the producer steps in but if you can’t control your actors there is no one to blame but you.

        • Cecil:

          John Carpenter is amazing. It is such a shame that he has made some of the best films from the 80s and 90s and yet now has to struggle to get the budget for anything.

  • House of the Dead 2, which I actually didn’t know existed until I looked it up on IMDB just now. Then again, the only time I’ve ever watched an Uwe Boll film was “Bloodrayne”, were I actually fell asleep during the first half hour, so I haven’t exactly been keeping tabs on such things.

    Between this and Children of the Corn 2, are you shooting for some kind of “sequel month”?

  • john:

    I would say House of the Dead 2 because I know Uwe Boll had nothing to do with the film unlike his other sequels like Bloodrayne 2 and 3.

  • Bryan:

    This was too easy. Too many people have already guessed it. I will say this. I love Emmanuelle Vaugier.

  • Alexander:

    I would love you to do a review of the movie Game Of Death, “starring” Bruce Lee. There is just so much to say about that movie..

    • Cecil:

      Game of Death is so kickass. Yeah, there is a lot about that to be said. I haven’t thought about it but I’ll add it to the list.

  • James:

    It is ALWAYS great to have a new review to look forward to. I blew through your others far too quickly.

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