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Polling for The 3rd Annual All Request January Starts Now!


It begins again, the 3rd annual All Request January.

Last year was a yet another hit with Mortal Kombat, TMNT 2, Krull and Street Fighter. What will they be this year?

For those new to this, here is how it works.

Here is the deal. For the next week give me all the movies you want to see me do. You can either list them in the comments of this post, email them to, or post them on my facebook wall. At the end of week (11/15) I will take the top 20 most requested videos and put up a voting poll. For the next week after that you can then vote for the top 4 you want to see. That gives me all of December to get the episodes together. (also to track down the movies if I have to)

I try my best to do requests during the year but sometimes for whatever reason, I just can’t get to them all. This is your chance to tell me what you really want to see.

Oh and just to get this out there, these are movies I will NOT be doing even if requested.

Tom and Jerry
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Batman and Robin
Anything from Pixar (nothing against them but what else is to be said?)

So, request away and thanks!

98 Responses to “Polling for The 3rd Annual All Request January Starts Now!”

  • Keith:

    Demonic Toys, Dragon Wars, Gremlins 2, and what the hell…Big Money Rustlas.

  • Mike:

    No Retreat, No Surrender (1986)
    Tuff Turf (1985)
    Club Dread (2004)
    Out Cold (2001)

    • Cecil:

      Good stuff. Love Club Dread. Me and my wife still say “Peen-a-lope” fairly often.

      Tuff Turf has been on the list for ages.

  • Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
    The Room
    the original Stargate film (which I love, but most people seem to hate/bash)
    anything with Reb Brown.

  • Nathan:

    Spookies, To Sleep With a Vampire (or Dance of the Damned), Cabin Boy, The Peanut Butter Solution, Ghost Fever, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, The Dark Backward, and Rock n Roll Nightmare.

  • Billy:

    THE BLOOD OF HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The is the only thing I need to vote for, because it’s awesome and you know you need to finally do this one. DOG SKULLS!

  • Sammy:

    Madman, Scarecrows, The Haunting (1999), Amsterdamned and Kill List

    • Cecil:

      Haunting was terrific until the end. Still good but it majorly lost steam in the last 10 minutes.

      I could probably go on for ages about Kill List.

  • Third Annual? Where has the time gone?!

    I really enjoyed how unique your review of “Prom” last time, so I’d be interested in seeing a look at “Sky High”. You mentioned it in that video, and I’d nearly forgotten that it actually a decent film.

    If not Batman and Robin, would you consider doing the original “Batman: The Movie” with Adam West from 1966?

    Guess I’m on some kind of superhero kick all the sudden.

    • Cecil:

      I know, right?

      Thanks. I thought Prom turned out well and I was trying to venture into some different territory. However, the views were pretty weak, which was a shame. I thought it had some good jokes and I presented it in a way that would be enjoyable even for people who hated that kind of film. Oh well.

      Sky High is fun. I’ve had a few requests for Batman 66 now.

  • hudemx:

    Thats a hard one:
    – Ghostbusters 2
    – Doctor Who (TV Movie)
    – Transformers The Movie (the original 80s one)
    – The Punisher (2004 one)

    Really hope one of it gets on “your” list 😀

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been toying with doing a whole big episode on the three Punisher movies. The Punisher 1989, The Punisher 2004, and Punisher War Zone 2008. Each has their strengths and weaknesses but overall the 89 one is my favorite.

  • Steve:

    The Car
    Deep Rising

    • Steve:

      The Island(1980) with Michael Caine
      I’ll second the ’66 Batman movie

    • Cecil:

      I’ve been holding off on Lifeforce because I just know it is going to be like a half hour long. The Car! I was just talking to someone about that the other day. Deep Rising was brought up a few times this year. Still surprised they never made a sequel.

  • Mike M:

    Nemesis, The Barbarians, Eye of the Tiger, or Cyclone…..all winners.

    • Cecil:

      Nemesis is an all time favorite.

      The others are great, I just got the DVD from Shout factory that has most of them on it.

  • Xeethra:


    Wrong by Quentin Dupieux; American Ninja (1, 2, or 3); The Ice Pirates; The F.P.

  • Travis:

    Zombie Nightmare
    Bio Dome
    Blood Tracks
    Out Cold
    Prom Night 3

  • MVandi:

    Bruce Campbell, just….more Bruce Campbell.

  • Irishguy:

    make an irish guy happy and do Rawhead Rex (1986)

  • mogens:

    obscure lupa will defenely doo tom and jerry the movie and kingdom of the crystal skull

  • Joshnorm:

    Meet the Feebles
    Troll 2
    Monster Squad
    Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
    Batman Forever

  • Cristiona:

    I think Temple of Doom could use some love. As could Alien 3.

    And since you did Krull last year, I think it’s time to do Dragonslayer. Vermithrax Pejorative demands it!

    • Cecil:

      I could go on and on about Alien 3. So many great ideas…some never fully realized. Love Temple of Doom, never really considered doing it though.


  • Ryouga:

    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
    Frankenstein Unbound
    Deep Rising
    Johnny Mnemonic

    • Cecil:

      Annihilation is tough. I’ve tried a few times but just didn’t like it each time.

      I have the Japanese cut of Johnny Mnemonic, which to me is the real version of the film. It runs longer, has more character development, a different soundtrack and a whole new subplot.

      Hardware is brilliant. That one could end up being one of my longest episodes. (which is why I keep holding off on it, just a time issue)

      • Ryouga:

        My best friend and I had such high expectations of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation based on the first one, but within 5 minutes knew it was destined to be a huge letdown (read steaming pile of shit). We were about to walk out of the cinema, but decided to stick with it, on the basis it can only get better, it didn’t 🙁

    • Ryouga:

      I forgot to add

      Wild Zero (1999)

  • Cecil:

    Great suggestions everyone! Keep em coming!

  • john:

    Surviving the Game (1994) one of my favourite films and what a cast.

    Any of the Resident Evil films. The 4th film was my personal favourite.

    Bridge of Dragons (1999).

  • Chris:

    Space Jam
    Batman Forever
    Bride of Chucky
    Turtles Forever
    From Dusk Til Dawn
    I’d like to see you explore the Saw series, or the Resident Evil series, but that can wait until October.

  • David:

    Troll 2
    The room
    Meet the feebles
    Bad taste
    Terror firmer

  • Lee:

    Man, so many I’d love to see you cover!

    Leviathan (1989)
    Ghostwatch (1992)
    Drive (1997)
    Robocop 2 (1990)

    Probably doesn’t matter though as everything you turn out is golden.

  • joshnorm:

    I got a few more if I could:

    Creature (the whole climax of the movie happens off screen! YAY!)
    Garbage Pal Kids THE MOVIE!
    Howard the Duck
    Maniac Cop
    The Room (it has so much support from Hollywood people saying its the worst ever made but so bad its good)
    Tucker and Dale vs Evil (I don’t know why a lot of people I try to push to watch this no one does)

  • Andrew:

    i had to think about this cause i put out my choice last year so i might as well make a new one so here are my choices may not be in it but i might as well give it a try

    Dee snyder’s strangeland( i still think catfish might of been inspired by this movie but who knows i still can never tell who that person is on the internet if its a real or fake)
    angel heart ( mickey rourke at his best, robert de niro at his creppiness)
    Cut ( ausstralian slasher movie with molly ringwald)
    The crow salvation( this movie was going to be release in theaters in 2000 but when stright to video)
    dark half ( movie took a year to be release when Orion pictures went defunct)
    leatherface texas chainsaw massacre 3( this could of been the most twisted x rated slasher film but had issues with the mpaa, and producers)
    session 9( i think people thought this was a haunted asylum movie but it was not)
    crimetime( i have no idea but i felt this one should be notice since karen black passed away)
    the adventures of ford fairlane( still a classic)
    exorcist III ( another underrated classic that needs a special edition with the original ending that was changed)
    cable guy( dark comedy where jim carry is the villian)
    desperate hours the remake ( mickey rourke)
    the relic ( another underrated creature feature)
    the ghost and the darkness( interesting movie )

    Honorable mention ( you know your going to have to do this and this is bad, battlefield earth)
    predator 2
    the quest ( saw your net flix pick and i do have the movie sure its a retelling of blood sport but its a fun movie)

    well that is my pick

    • Cristiona:

      Ooo… those are some good picks. I quite liked Angel Heart and I thought Session 9 was brilliant.+

      The Relic! Oh man, I remember seeing that one in college. The little old lady curator of the museum looked and talked EXACTLY like one of the English professors. My friend and I couldn’t stop howling every time she talked. That and bobbing for SWAT members…

  • Roch Desjardins:

    My pics are Demons 2, Child play 3, X-tros, House, They live, Black Roses, Video dead, Night of the Demons 3 and Demonic Toys.

  • Roch Desjardins:

    My pics are Demons 2, Child play 3, X-tros, House, They live, Black Roses, Video dead, Night of the Demons 3 and Demonic Toys.

  • andrewb.:

    Return of the living dead (1985)

  • Alter Undying:

    John Carpenter’s Christine, a Movie that I watched again recently which seemed to actually be better now that it has aged. I feel like the movie is actually better now that it’s out in this day and age.

  • Viewer:

    Not to sound like a broken record, but I’d love to see you review the forgotten, tonally uneven, but highly watchable 19th century swashbuckler with a touch of Indiana Jones (actually Temple of Doom and this movie have at least two VERY similar scenes) – Nate and Hayes (1983) with, always a bad ass, Tommy Lee Jones as the real life pirate Captain Bully Hayes (turned into a pirate version of Snake Plissken for the movie, since the real life Hayes was kind of a scummy scumbag).
    A pre-WWI Germany sends its latest war machine – a battleship – to pirate waters to test it. A notorious backstabbing pirate (Hayes’ former friend) offers them his services as a guide and they attack a small island village where missionaries (including Nate) live. They kidnap Nate’s fiancee and kill everyone. They also set up Hayes for the attack. Now the two unlikely allies must work together to save the girl (who also has a history with Hayes) and have their revenge. You also have got cannibals, ritual sacrifices, the obligatory crummy bridge over a gorge, a whorehouse and Tommy in a bitchin’ white shirt in this movie. Need I say more?

    Other movies that come to mind:
    The Ice Pirates (1984) – the cult SF comedy with Ron Perlman and the late great Robert Ulrich, about a group of space pirates who steal water from government ships in the future where a fascist junta runs everything and water is scarce. They suck at their job and kidnap a princess instead. She makes a deal with them to go look for her father who went missing while looking for a planet full of water.

    Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) – I fricking love this movie. Is it bad? Kind of. Is it a good watch? Hell, yeah! And has a bitchin’ soundtrack to boot. And who didn’t have a small crush on Kari and wanted THAT car back in the day?

    Firewalker (1986) – Chuck Norris forgotten attempt to do a Indiana Jones movie. And it kicks ass. It even has the man himself – Louis Gossett Jr. and Sallah from Indiana Jones. And the villain is Billy from Predator! Forget Romancing the Stone, THIS is the real B version of Indiana Jones. Chuck and Lou are treasure hunters helping a pretty young lady find a mythical South American treasure. And they have many enemies, not all of them defeatable with a roundkick.

    Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) – Roddy Piper turns Snake Plissken and gets laid. Twice. And the other woman is actually not a frog!
    In a postapocalyptic world where men are sterile and women scarce, the new government sends a hot scientist, a dumb ass foul mouthed brute and a hot commando chick to save a bunch of women from a slave trading mutated frog-men.

    Hawk the Slayer (1980) – What Legend should have been. Low budget, but well told story, about a good valiant strong but silent brother who must, with a little help from his dwarf, giant and bow-master friend, defend a monastery and stop his evil-incarnate hissy-fit-prone Cartman-ish brother Jack Palance.

    Conquest (1983) – Artsy Italian exploitationist attempts making a fantasy movie. The results are dull but curious. A young (naked) witch takes control over a tribe of cavemen savages to eradicate another tribe and eliminate the only one who can stop her. Lots of nudity and violence. Also, the movie features one of the most bullshit weapons ever, but it kind of works

    Iron Warrior (1987) – the third Athor movie that got rejected but the series creator, so it became a separate movie, although O’Keefe is still there. Pretty much the same thing as Conan the Destroyer, only much lower on budget, yet much more stylish. A strong silent type warrior falls for a pretty young, often nude woman, a priestess of some kind. An evil goddess (old and thankfully not naked) wants the girl in order to change the balance of power (or something). The other goddesses are neutral and slightly amused. Plenty of nudity and moody imagery, little sense and O’Keefe.

    Voodoo (1995) – Corey Feldman goes to the university and fights an evil zombie .fraternity. It’s no Lost Boys or Friday the 13th, Part IV, but it’s probably his last watchable horror.

    Made Men (1999) – The last Jim Belushi’s movie where he played a (slimy ) bad ass character. He stole a lot of money from his outfit in NY and went south with his girl, to hide in a small Texan town. One day, his snitch phones him to warn him about the outfit’s posse that’s coming for him. He tries to run, but it’s too late. He now only has his smarts and luck to help him survive the ordeal. A very watchable dark action comedy with a few very fitting twists. Steve Railsback as the moonshining hillbilly patriarch and Timothy Dalton as the corrupt sheriff only add to Jim’s problems.

    And a wild card:
    Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997) – a movie that answers the age old question, what would From Dusk til Dawn look like, if it was made with less competency, had no vampires or strip clubs and Vincent Galo and Kiefer Sutherland played Clooney’s and Tarantino’s roles. A group of small time criminals messes up a drug deal and goes on a road trip. The cops are after them, and they are after mob’s money that’s being owed to them. For Kiefer, this is his big break to make his name in the crime world and his lucky coin agrees, while in Galo’s mind, it’s a road of no return.

  • Viewer:

    Please, for the love og god, do not review Bio Dome.

  • Garbage Day:

    I would like to see “The Majorettes”, “House on Sorority Row” (Original), “Castle Freak” or “Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2”. I love your slasher reviews.
    Keep up the good work. 😀

  • Jason Lundgren:

    Here’s my Top 10 requests for Good Bad Flicks:

    The Crush (1993)
    Moonwalker (1988)
    Grandma’s Boy (2006)–I love Linda Cardellini 😉
    Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)
    Witchboard (1985)
    Big Top Pee-Wee (1988)
    Dream a Little Dream (1989)
    License to Drive (1988)
    The Punisher (1989 or 2004 version)
    Solarbabies (1986)

  • MH:

    “Asylum of Terror”

  • mogens:

    1.howard the duck 1986
    2.robocop 3
    3.santa claus conquers the martans 1964
    4.the 3 dracula vs frankenstein films
    5.hillbilys in a haaunted hoe 1968
    6.greetings 1968
    7.batman and robin
    8.frankenstein conquers the world 1965
    9.the fat spy 1965
    10.robot monster 1953

  • demonknight:

    Rotld 3
    Phantasm II
    Trancers Retrospective
    Class of 1999 2
    Beneath the PotA
    Jason X
    Hobo With a Shotgun
    John Dies at the End (needs an in-depth review, not just an instant spot)
    Shock Treatment
    Phantom of the Paradise
    ANOES: The Dream Master
    From Beyond
    Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
    Near Dark
    Gremlins 2

  • Bryn:

    Dead Birds (2004)
    One of those movies that no one seems to have ever heard of, yet every time I show it to someone, they generally dig it.
    Very odd little horror flick.

  • Cool World (1992)
    Fire and Ice (1983)
    Wizards (1977)
    Leviathan (1989)
    Conan the Destroyer (1984)
    Four Rooms (1995)
    Ghosts of Mars (2001)

  • Sychodemus:

    The Slaughter (2006),
    The Tripper (2006),
    Vampire Journals (1997),
    Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. (The last because I am so sick of it being called THE worst movie of the 2000s.)

    Oh and something from David Lynch.

  • thancrus:

    Behind The Mask The Rise Of Leslie Vernon … Yes you did a text review but a video one would be great.
    Black Dog (1998) yeah i mean the Truck driving movie staring Patrick Swayze the only 90s movie that comes from the 70s

  • Jr.:

    Deep Rising
    Virus with Jamie Lee Curtis
    Dragon Wars since I have no idea whether to like it or hate it
    Black Dog with Patrick Swayze most def
    Night of the Demon the sasquatch one
    Something with Steven Seagal? Maybe Marked for Death?
    My Name is Bruce. Love me some Bruce Campbell
    And if you’re gonna review something, please let it be Escape from L.A. wayyyy too much hate.

    Here’s something interesting, how about a video about a sequel to one of the movies you’ve already reviewed? You keep mentioning it but nothing ever gets made.

  • gvdobson:

    Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night II

  • scoopmoose:

    I’ll add additional votes for Howard The Duck & Deep Rising.
    I also would like to nominate Disturbed (1990), Hudsucker Proxy, & Elektra.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Has anyone requested the Tom & Jerry Movie or Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yet???

    …but seriously:
    Rock & Roll Nightmare
    TAG: The Assasination Game
    They Call Me Bruce
    Big Shots
    Saturday the 14th

  • Motyka:

    Faust: Love of the Damned
    The Order (aka Sin Eater) (2003)
    Daredevil (2003)
    Revolver (by Guy Ritchie)
    Southland Tales

  • Tyler:

    The asylum’s Mega Piranha, Piranhaconda, And Megacroc VS Gatoriod.

  • jchammer:

    Gremlins 2
    Freddy vs Jason
    Halloween 6: the curse of Michael Meyers
    Robocop 3

  • Demolition Man
    Flash Gordon(1980s version)
    Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers
    Cannibal: The Musical

  • TenDropChris:

    Ghost in the Machine (1993)

    The Black Scorpion. Really either one. The Roger Corman superhero movie or the stop motion giant monster film from 1957. And speaking of stop motion, I’ll throw is the suggestions of The Crater Lake Monster and q: The Winged Serpent.

  • Connor:

    Small Soldiers
    Rawhead Rex
    Club Dread

    Love your reviews, your analytacle look at movies is fantastic. You actually changed my mind about The Happening. To hear a true fan of horror speak his mind is very refreshing. Keep up the good work

  • Eltizzo:

    Beowulf (the one with Christopher Lambert)


    Any of the “Basket Case” Movies

    John Carpenter’s “Ghost of Mars” or “Vampires”

  • Jason:

    OK I’ve requested some of these before but…oh well.

    Meet the Applegates
    My Science Project
    High School USA (1983) probably the greatest collection 80’s teen actors in one movie)
    Demon Wind
    Mom and Dad Save the World (John Lovitz)
    Rat Race ( for some reason I find John Lovitz to be hilarious….don’t judge me)
    Stay Tuned
    Delta Force Commando (Fred Williamson gets electrocuted in the balls…nuff said!)
    Hot Rod
    Dumb and Dumber’er
    No Retreat No Surrender (or the sequel which had nothing to do with the first movie)
    King of the Kickboxers (Loren Avendon vs Billy Blanks)
    Pulse (1988)
    Naked Lunch ( I personally didn’t like this movie but it’s soo weird I’d love to see you review it)
    Street Trash (1987) I know how you love movies with people that melt.
    Ichi the Killer ( this movie…wow, it’s pretty F’d up)

  • demonknight:

    I forgot about Very Bad Things.

  • david:

    incredibly disturbing: any of the italian cannibal films, or a serbian film, illsa she wolf of the ss

    so bad its good: executive decison, king of kickboxers, starship troopers, dirty dancing 2 havana nights, no retreat no surrender, showgirls,

    Camp: Clue, To wong foo, Little shop of horrors, phantom of the paradise

    kick ass movies: Diggstown (awesome boxing movie very well done), kickboxer, bloodfist, bloodsport, heatseeker

  • Leo:

    Please review Transylvania 6-5000. Its awesomely bad, full of puns and an all-star cast. This movie never gets any attention. As a kid its out-there gags made me roar with laughter. Id LOVE to see this movie reviewed by you. Thanks!

  • Christian Bates-Hardy:

    Just a few off the top of my head:

    Soldier (1998)
    Phantasm (1979)
    Zombie (1979)
    Flash Gordon (1980)
    Highlander 2: The Quickening (1991)
    Cat People (1982)
    Feast (2005)

  • Leo L.:

    Johnny Mnemonic
    Disturbing Behavior
    Deep Rising
    Surviving the Game
    Tank Girl

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