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Radiodrome Episode 153 – Freeball (Spike Lee Poster Thief, Bland Movie Posters, Paul Walker)


Josh, Alex and Cecil discuss Paul Walker’s death, the theft of art from Juan Garcia by Spike Lee and how movie Marketing is where creativity goes to die.

6 Responses to “Radiodrome Episode 153 – Freeball (Spike Lee Poster Thief, Bland Movie Posters, Paul Walker)”

  • mh:

    Of the many people who do the sort of thing you do, you are one of the very best. I think you should go professional.

    • Cecil:

      Why thank you! If I could flip a switch and make that happen that would be great. I’m hoping to be able to take this there some day.

  • Mike:

    1. Your movie marketing post from the other week was spot on and wasn’t catty at all. Being called a nostalgia junky by a person just shows their lack of movie culture and that they need corporations to tell them “what’s cool”.

    2. Fuck Spike Lee although I do like Summer of Sam too. I think it has to do with all the characters being flawed and the seedy world they all live in.

    3. The Cheery 2000 original to DVD cover is a great example. Good thing Brian De Palma has some sway otherwise “Body Double” would also have Melanie Griffith’s face solely on the cover. Although it does has an alternative cover, the original is the more prominent.

    • Cecil:

      1 – Thanks. It was just frustrating to be marginalized like that. I wasn’t bitching and complaining, I was presenting what I feel is a valid argument.

      2 – He sucks. Summer of Sam is good in spite of Spike Lee, mostly due to the cast.

      3 – So many classic covers would never be greenlit today.

  • James:

    Jowski – If I died 3/4 of the way through filming I wouldn’t care if they didn’t finish it because I would be dead.


    And there was something I wanted to say but have forgotten. It’s a shame because it was really profound.

    Oh yeah that’s right. Fuck Spike Lee.

    Stupid googly eyed motherfucker.

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