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Radiodrome Episode 212 – Stoner Movies


Episode 212 – Stoner Movies

It’s a new year and there have been some changes with Radiodrome. Alex left to focus on his site Geek Juice Media and we brought in a new third mic, Petar, who has a series called The Cine-masochist. While we will miss Alex, Petar is a great new edition to the show.

This week we discuss the allure of stoner movies and bring in special guest Charley McMullen, an expert on the subject.

Also, now that I have my head screwed back on I’m going to be posting the links for the show again. Yikes, I didn’t realize I let it go so long. This past year was a blur.

7 Responses to “Radiodrome Episode 212 – Stoner Movies”

  • demonknight:

    How dare you have a child and a life outside of the Internet! Just caught up on some Cine-Masochist stuff last night. Love his content, despite how (seemingly) little of it there has been as of late.

  • mogens:

    How dare you handetoon say something so mean about the nolan batman trilogy

  • Cristiona:

    Oh yeah, you used to post links! I got so used to using my feeder that I forgot all about you posting. Can’t wait to listen to this one, even if this isn’t a genre I care much about.

    That said, your cyberpunk episode was great, even though I could have argued over about half of what you guys said.

  • mogens:

    No he was just a little too mean in his critism

  • Keith:

    Good episode! It’s cool that Petar has joined the crew, really enjoy his videos. He’ll make an excellent replacement for Alex.

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