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All Request January #3 Pick your top 4 Last Day to Vote!


EDIT: I’ll be closing the polls tonight around 8 so if you haven’t voted yet, get on it!

Alright, I tallied the suggestions and came up with this list of 20 of the most requested movies. Some past ones returning but also a nice crop of new entries. So, go to the poll on the left side and vote for your top 4!

I had well over 300 different films requested this year…a new record! As usual, I kept note of some of the other most requested movies that didn’t make the top 20, so I can get to them over the course of the next year.

Note: The Punisher did get a crap ton of votes (both the 1989 one and the 2004) but I’m leaving them off because I have been working on something special for them but I don’t think it will be ready by January. So if you requested The Punisher movies just know they are coming but it will be a little later in 2014.

Voting will end next Friday evening. 11/22

47 Responses to “All Request January #3 Pick your top 4 Last Day to Vote!”

  • Greg:

    I went with Basket Case, Gremlins 2, Showgirls, & They Live. I suggested They Live in a discussion on the FAQ link so I am all about that. I was almost tempted for mark Howard the Duck to see your take on it, but for me it is officially the worst movie I have ever seen, so I just couldn’t bring myself to mark it.

  • john:

    Nobody else requested Surviving the Game? Damn!

    I was also hoping Resident Evil films would make the list but I know a lot of people hate the series.

    I chose Deep Rising, Drive (that I assume is the Mark Dacascos version?), Tank Girl and Fist of the North Star as they would be the most interesting and entertaining films to review.

    The problem with They Live, The Room and Showgirls is that they are pretty well known cult films reviewed before.

    • Cecil:

      I had a plenty for Surviving the Game but just not enough to get into the top 20. Great movie with a great cast, I’m sure to get to it eventually anyway.

      I might wait until the last Resident Evil is released and then do a series retrospective.

      Yep, the Dacascos Drive.

      I have plenty to say about They Live and Showgirls that will make them unique but I’m not sure what I will go with if I have to tackle The Room.

  • Cristiona:

    Also, They Live isn’t a “Good Bad Flick”… it’s a Damn Good Flick. Then again, so is Blood of Heroes, but I voted for that anyway, because it could use some love.

    I’m glad to see Gremlins 2 doing well; I thought it was pretty fun. Of course, I still say Dragonslayer and Temple of Doom deserve an episode, but I got Krull last time, so I guess I’ll make due.

    Oh, and more people should vote for Pumpkinhead.

    • Cecil:

      I totally agree. While I’m more than happy to give the people what they want, They Live is not even a remotely “bad” movie. It is the very definition of classic. If it wins, which is looking pretty likely, I’ll give it a serious “exploring” episode. There is absolutely nothing to goof in with the film. It is smart and even more relevant today.

      Dragonslayer just missed out. I’m kind of surprised Punkinhead and Demonic Toys aren’t getting more votes I had a bunch of suggestions for them. I guess maybe people are seeing the others and decided they want them more?

      • Steve:

        Of the movies that made the list maybe half are ‘good bad flicks’. The rest are just ‘plain awesome movies’.

        As for Dragonslayer, it’s on my short list of best fantasy movies ever. There will never be a better on screen dragon (we should get a good look at Smaug pretty soon, but I’m sticking with Vermithrax Perjorative – I hear he doesn’t like being called VP). The movie has so much going for it besides the special effects. The magic/sorcery is so subtle it just makes it seem more real in the movies world. The Princess gets eaten, the priest gets torched, the hero gets no credit, and the king just goes on being a douche – and it’s all awesome. Disney/Paramount -whoever has the rights – needs to get their act together for a blu ray.

      • Greg:

        I do think “They Live” deserves the good bad movie acclaim. There are so many plot holes that it definitely deserves it. For example, how do the alien seeing sun glasses ever get made? Plus the gratuitous fight scene. Definitely a good bad movie.

    • Shaun:

      I had this discussion with Cecil a year or so back. He expanded beyond the already subjective “good bad” label for films long ago. You can’t even compare them anymore; he’s covered so many genres and decades and range of quality. It’d be great if we could take a poll for every movie (great, good bad, bad bad), but it is what it is.

      They Live has always been one of my favorite movies. I remember watching around 4th-5th grade and thought the last scene “What’s wrong baby?” to be the most hilarious ending to a serious movie, ever. Still do. Boob flash wasn’t bad either.
      But if you go to the typical Carpenter fan in a discussion group, They Live takes a lot of heat. Like “I love almost all of Carpenter’s work, except….”

      Cecil, if you end up doing Demonic Toys, you HAVE TO do Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, to make your reviews complete.

      • Cecil:

        When I started the show I really just wanted to focus on a few B movies I thought either had a bad rep or no one bothered to watch. The show has definitely outgrown the name to a certain degree. I’ve often thought if I should have put more thought into the name before I started the show but I can’t think of what would have been better. I didn’t want to be “The Movie Guy” or a “That guy who has this” or some other clone like that. I wanted the title to explain more or less what I was covering.

        Any self respecting horror fan should love They Live. There isn’t a single thing wrong with it.

        I plan on doing both of them eventually, as well as more Full Moon movies in general.

  • Richard:

    Would really like to see Creepshow 2, Nightbreed, Exorcist 3 & Hell comes to frogtown. Also, I too would like to give a “runner-up” vote for Pumpkinhead which was outstanding, Haggis, the old witch in that movie was amazing.

    • Cecil:

      I’m holding off on Nightbreed until the Cabal cut comes out so we can finally see the movie that should have been released all those years ago.

      • Cristiona:

        I’m not familiar with the Cabal cut. I thought it was a pretty good movie in and of itself.

        • Cecil:

          The Cabal cut is the movie that Clive Barker originally wanted before the studio took it from him and trimmed it down. While the theatrical cut is still good, the Cabal cut is supposed to be amazing. (they’ve been screening it at various conventions and are releasing it on Blu in 2014)

          More stuff with the Berserkers, more character development, more goodness.

          • demonknight:

            I have been curious about Nightbreed since Shout Factory announced The Cabal Cut at Comic Con. In fact, I am currently reading Cabal. Great book.
            Now, I have to find a copy of Nightbreed without doing a blind buy from Amazon.

          • Cecil:

            Everything I’ve read about the Cabal has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Steve3 in 3-D:

    Showgirls. because it has my favorite Robert Davi quote OF ALL TIME

  • Interesting choices. I’m a bit surprised to see “They Live” on here. I know it wasn’t a big hit at the time, but like many of John Carpenter’s films it seems to have undergone a recent resurgence and revaluation by the public. If there were to be any of Carpenter’s movies on this list I would have thought “Prince of Darkness” or “Big Trouble in Little China” to have made the cut since they aren’t necessarily as straightforward in their story as “They Live” and would likely take some coaxing to get people unfamiliar with Carpenter’s body of work to see them.

    I remember you had Lifeforce up here last time. I would have voted for it, but I given the amount of editing that would be required to no show any of the nudity in the review, I just didn’t feel like putting you through all that extra work. Though I am surprised this isn’t regarded higher in the movie community. I’ll never forget how after I saw this movie with some friends and someone started an argument about the setting, saying that since we didn’t have joint relations with the UK in space travel that this must be set over a hundred years in the future and without any sarcasm and irony asked why the rest of the world’s technology had changed. Ugh!

    • Cecil:

      I’ve had a few requests for Prince of Darkness over the year and a couple for Big Trouble but I have been getting tons of requests for They Live, which kind of surprised me. I really thought everyone already knew how great the movie was…or perhaps that is it? People just love the movie so much they want to see more done with it?

      Lifeforce is going to be a lot of work covering up all the nudity but I could think of worse things to do.

  • joshnorm:

    Agh no Troll 2!

    I went with They Live, Maniac Cop, Howard the Duck and Gremlins 2 (Whats a request January without Hulk Hogan)

    • Cecil:

      First time Troll 2 didn’t make it into the poll.

      As far as Hulk Hogan, I’m guessing Mr Nanny will be in there next year lol


    Toot is synonymous for poot.

  • Viewer:

    Which Drive are you thinking of? The new one or the 90’s one with Dacascos ?

  • scoopmoose:

    Ah, man, Drive was a great movie. Brittany Murphy, Dwayne Wayne and the new Wo Fat. Epic. That and Hollow Point were defining moments in my discovery of the greatness that is the direct-to-video action market.

    Glad to see that it’s at least beating out Demonic Toys. I didn’t like that movie, and I’m a huge Full Moon fan. Thought Dollman Vs Demonic Toys was infinitely better.

  • Jr.:

    Dammit shoulda been more clear about Escape from LA. Oh well but lets see Deep Rising people!!

  • Jim:

    American Ninja, Eye of the Tiger, or Eliminators

  • bastardjackyll:

    *sees Never Too Young To Die coming in dead last*

    *weeps quietly*

  • demonknight:

    I love these. They make for some of my favorite episodes (ReAnimator, Killer Klowns, Krull).
    I voted Gremlins 2 (because The burbs was not an option and the first is my FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME), TerrorVision (Thanks Shout Factory for introducing me to this film), Basket Case (even though BC 2, Brain Damage, and Frankenhooker are better), and They Live (More Shout Factory).

    I wanted Phantasm, but I think you’d do a better job with the sequels than the first.
    More Joe Dante is never a bad thing: Small Soldiers, Matinee, Explorers, Piranha, The ‘burbs
    Maybe From Beyond and some Paul Bartel next year?
    I hated Demonic Toys, but would like to see an episode on it… Possily as a lead in to a Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys episode. I mean, you’ve already done Bad Channels and Dollman.

    Also, have you ever thought if doing some text reviews of bad movies that get good reviews? Call it Bad Good Flicks. I had the idea when hearing you talk about Juno on Geek Juice.

    • Keith:

      I will take full responsibility for the Demonic Toys stuff…it was my first Full Moon movie that I ever seen and I have been pestering Cecil since day one to review it (That along with Dollman, which he did waaaaaaay back in episode 4 and is a much better movie). I will fully admit it’s not a good movie; the acting is awful (even by Full Moon standards), the ending is mind bogglingly dumb, and most of the kills are repetitive. But nostalgia is there for me, and even the most jaded critic of the movie has to admit that The Kid is a blast to watch.

      It doesn’t look like it’ll happen this year for January, but I have a hunch, with the widescreen release just coming out, it’ll likely be reviewed sometime this year. Cecil will probably do it just to shut me up about it and I can go on pestering him about Dollman vs. Demonic Toys next 😛

      • demonknight:

        Well, I am with you on Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys…
        By the way, I think that he should do a Full Moon Month featuring such classics as:
        -Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys
        -Doctor Mordrid
        -Trancers Retrospective (This is going to happen, probably soon. Cecil emailed me saying it was coming after the release of the “lost sequel.”

        • Cecil:

          I still need to see Trancers 1.5. I’m thinking the retrospective will most likely be sometime over the summer but don’t hold me to that.

      • Cecil:

        Oh you lol.

        Demonic Toys isn’t a bad movie, its just that there are so many better Full Moon movies like you said. I’ll get to it sometime this year now that the widescreen version is out.

  • demonknight:

    By the way, Brad Jones of The Cinema Sob just put up a review of Basket Case.

  • st42nwpt:

    – Maximum Overdrive
    – Cool as Ice
    – Death Wish 3
    – Howard the Duck
    – Last Action Hero
    – Starsky and Hutch (2004)

  • Mark M.:

    Someday you need to do Robin Williams ‘Popeye’

  • Trevor:

    My vote would be for: The Punisher (1989)

  • People really need to vote for The Room, it needs to be discussed.

    I actually recapped it on my old website in 2010, so I’ve done my duty with it. I just really want to hear someone else’s take on it! 🙂

    • demonknight:

      I didn’t vote for it for several reasons. The most notable of which being that both Obscurus Lupa and Nostalgia Critic both covered it so well that anything else would just be retread. Also, Wiseau is a copyright Nazi.

    • Cecil:

      I have no issue doing the Room but it may not be worth it if I’m going to get C&D letters over it.

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