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Request Number 2 on Sunday

What could it be?

15 Responses to “Request Number 2 on Sunday”

  • Leo:

    I bet you’re going in order by recent release date so my guess is “Suburban Commando” from 1991.

    • Cecil:

      Perhaps. ^^

      Although I’m not going in descending order, that was just a coincidence.

      On a side note, the hints are kind of easy since you all know what movies are set for this month. Would anyone be interested if I did this every week for the movies that you didn’t already know about?

  • unrealbe (tim):

    Could be a cool idea. Everyone likes a little tease now and then.

    • Cecil:

      I think I’ll give it a whirl. I’ll keep going with the rest this month (even though everyone knows what they are) but I’ll kick off some fun ones next month.

  • Cristiona:

    I like the teaser images and it could be fun when we don’t have a pool of 4 (now 3) to choose from.

    Personally, I think this image means you’re going to review The Big Hit. And yes, the teaser images are also fun for intentionally incorrect picks!

    • Cecil:

      Yeah, I think it will be fun all around. (with both serious and goofy guesses) I’m trying to make the site a little more engaging so folks stop back more than just once a week.

      The Big Hit? Gah! That movie is such a mixed bag. Sometimes there is awesome on screen, other times it is incredible amounts of WTF. I liked that they tried something different but I just couldn’t get into it.

  • bastardjackyll:

    Jesus, the ‘burbs really look like little rat cages don’t they?

    Hints would be awesome (like almost everything else that goes on around here!).

  • I think it will be a shit looking gr8t film from the late 80’s early 90’s

  • James:

    Speaking of WTF movies, how about reviewing Skullduggery (1983) sometime? I’d love to hear your opinions and see you take that movie apart! I agree with everyone else; hints would be great, but since we basically have three choices for this one, it’s pretty easy to guess. The rest of the time, however, would be a really fun way to hype up the episodes.

    • Cristiona:

      No matter what flaws it may have, “Skullduggery” is a truly awesome name for a film.

    • Cecil:

      Wow, Skullduggery! I have a VHS of that around here somewhere. I remember liking it but I haven’t seen it in a while. I’ll add it to the list!

      I kind of did the first week with the guess for Catwoman as a goof and then after I did it I started thinking it would be a fun/funny thing to do weekly. Of course, you guys all know what is coming so these next few won’t be surprising but I’m already looking forward to getting pics that will work for the ones you all don’t know.

  • Mehe:

    I can’t wait!!!

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