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Roll for Initiative

This is for the big episode 100 folks. Any idea what it is?

29 Responses to “Roll for Initiative”

  • Bob:

    Dungeons & Dragons for the win!

  • Mike M:

    Dungeons and Dragons?

  • justin:

    Is it Dorf on Golf?

  • I’m an idiot…is that from the animated Hobbit movie from the mid-1980s? Quite possibly the only thing Lord of the Rings-related that I actually like.

  • Leo:

    Dungeons and Dragons!

  • I’m seeing “Dungeon and Dragons” in all the comments. I never watched the D&D Cartoon so my first thought upon seeing that ugly mug was “Troll 2”.

    You can’t deny that Troll 2 would qualify as a “good bad” flick.

  • Iren:

    Dungeons and Dragons!
    THE cartoon that got me interested in fantasy ^_____^

    • Iren:

      P.S. Well, alternatively it could be “Mazes and Monsters” but I’m pretty sure it isn’t the case because that movie wasn’t fun at all, not even in “It is that bad it is good” way -_-

      • Cecil:

        I might do Mazes and Monsters one day but it is fairly serious in tone. I haven’t seen it in ages too.

        • Iren:

          Ironically first time I saw “Mazes and Monsters” well before I ever heard of DnD and back then I thought it was a serious drama movie about man descent into darkness of his mind in which the game played only a prop role (maybe not that eloquently formulated but it was a general feeling). Only later I learnt that it was about game actually being a cause for this madness. Right now as a DnD player I can’t take “Mazes and Monsters” too kindly because it was made to be a blatant scare for the whole “DnD is bad!” idea back then (in 80s?), but it is still sort of serious and dramatic movie I guess. Not sure if it fits with horror, though. Nothing scary about it. Just sad, at my opinion.

    • Cecil:

      Hell yeah!

      • Iren:

        My favorite episode was “Pandora’s box” because of the sheer idea of the door that can lead in various places depending from where you put it πŸ™‚ it was a such hugely creative idea for me back then that I still remember it. And the episode where the party went for the powerful artifact in a big tower on behalf of the skeletal warrior and ended up in a weirdly strange places

  • slxslippy:

    wrong, noobs. that’s Obadiah Hakeswill from the 1983 Sharpe’s Rifles cartoon series. unlike the movies, the character was portrayed by Rosie O’Donnell instead of Pete Postlethwaite. you can tell by the cheekbones. it was a remarkably brave bit of casting that paid off in the end. says so in the scriptures.

  • Xeethra:

    Congrats, Cecil, on hitting the milestone and thanks for the entertaining vids. And implicit film suggestions (Priest and GI Joe have made my action film year so far).

    Uh…as you were…

    Xeethra, long-time lurker from the Agony Booth and enjoyer of good/bad and bad/bad flicks.

  • Xeethra:

    You’re welcome; I usually drop by to find something entertaining to watch while eating breakfast.

    A quick question (that I’m sure has been answered elsewhere but for the want of being less lazy…): can you tell me what the films are from the opening of your show? Thanks!

    • Cecil:

      This show seems to be popular with the breakfast crowd for some reason. Although I have had a few people tell me that it puts them off eating when I show something really gory.

      Here they are in order: (you should watch them all!) I Come in Peace, The Stuff, Class of 1999, My Boyfriend’s Back, Riki-Oh, Roller Boogie, Defcon-4, Thriller: A Cruel Picture, Class of 1999, Motel Hell, The Crazies, Society, Cool as Ice.


  • Xeethra:


    I should have said that my younger brother subjected me to ‘Cool as Ice’ many years ago. It is oddly charming, as a lot of trash churned out in the 90s was.

    ANYWAY: I have a strong dislike for the D & D film so will be interested to hear a defence for it. Challenge rating: 20.

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