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The Shallows – Movie Review

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  • Paradicecheez:

    Thank you Cecil for taking the time 2 review new and old movies I’ve been wondering about this movie since I saw the 1sttrailer I was worried it wouldn’t be able 2 live up to Jaws The Revenge greatest Shark movie since 2015’s Jaws 19 (I mean the Shark came right out at you. Scary right?) but seriously thank you for the review and convincing me 2 see it.

    And regarding your lost episodes would donating help to bring them back?… I feel a little embarrassed saying this but your videos got me through a very dark time in my life and because of that I would love to donate what I can. anyways thank you for what you do I I absolutely mean that keep it up and I’ll see what I can do on my end to help with donating to the cuase

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy it. The Shallows isn’t as good as Jaws (but lets be real, will that ever be topped? )but it is very good. A few minor nitpicks but the good far outweighs the bad.

      I’m both happy and sad to hear that. Happy that my videos helped but sad you went through some dark times. Its not really a donation thing, the old ones are gone for a few reasons. The first being that they were hosted on Blip, which went out of business. The second is because I had some unlicensed music in them so I can’t put them on YT. The third is because they are really bad. If I put them up on YT with the music cut out, they would send the cringe factor through the roof. lol

      Have no worries though, I’m in the process of redoing most of them. Dollman is out soon, as well as The Stuff, Society, My Boyfriend’s Back, Split Second, etc. So goodness awaits! 🙂

      If you can afford to donate, I greatly appreciate it. However, I know money is tight with everyone so if you can’t I understand. Just spread the word and keep watching! ^^

      • Paradicecheez:

        Got 2 see you dollman review never realized it was that short of a film and I cannot wait for society review again

  • mogens:

    2.nostalgia critic please stop bashing and taking a stap at pokemon please

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