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Silent Hill Revelation


Just got my copy of the Bluray. Figured I would take this opportunity to show off my Seal of Metatron before I put it back in it’s case. This is a replica of the one from the games. The one in the movie has more of a golden hue to it.

The movie is good and if you liked the first, it’s worth a look. I saw it in the theater and enjoyed it. Nowhere near as deep as the original. They definitely tried to make it a little more mainstream but still succeeded in keeping enough material for the hardcore fans.

The 3D wasn’t intrusive at all. I actually forgot it was a 3D movie until one particular scene towards the end.

The Bluray picture looks great but sadly, the features are lacking. A 3 minute behind the scenes and that’s it. Depressing, I was hoping for a commentary at the very least. Such a shame when the studio puts zero effort into a release like this. Some added features would do wonders for people on the fence deciding whether to rent or buy.

It’s an entertaining movie but not the multiple viewing head trip of the original. I liked it but I hope they give the series back to Christophe Gans if they are able to make a third.

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  • john:

    Wouldn’t happen to be this 3 minute behind the scenes documentary would it?

    They screwed up the setup of the 3rd film in this one by making James Sunderland of Silent Hill 2 and Harry Mason the same character for the next film that makes no sense in relation to the game.

    Maybe they will do something interesting merging the story of Silent Hill 2 and Downpour.

    The good things about this film is that it is a lot more coherent and structured than the first film that frankly if you didn’t not know the backstory going into the film you would be clueless as to what it was about.
    Although I complained about the Sean Bean scenes in the first film I understand why the studio chiefs decided to put it in to try to explain what is happening with the town, Sharon and the alternative realities that I don’t think adding elements from Silent Hill 2 actually helped like Pyramid head.

    Changing the character of Vincent into Heathers boyfriend I thought would be the worst aspect of the film but it works in the context of the film and is not the two of them running around avoiding monsters for most of the film.

    Things I didn’t like were the Mannequin monster from Silent Hill: Homecoming that look like a crap CGI monster, Malcolm MacDowell acting and the ending that turned into StreetFighter Hill. : )

    • Cecil:

      Yep, thats it.

      I don’t mind that they meddled with the characters too much. In the end it still felt like it was an honest attempt at being faithful to the games. I just wish they put a little more effort into the video release.

      Loved the Downpour ending.

  • mobius322:

    Silent Hill is not only a great game but as you pointed out in your Silent Hill review, one of THE BEST video game adaptations ever. I LOVE that movie, great horror film. I could not believe the amount of bitching and whining people did over how it “screwed the source material”. I’m not sure how people had such an uproar over it being as slavishly faithful to the games as it was…other than on the anything that is an adaptation of a beloved IP is “the worst thing ever” 99% according to the internet.

    This 2nd film I saw in theaters and I enjoyed it no doubt. Though it really seems to have had a “we need a conventional plot arc” make over complete with love interest. Didn’t bother me too much and the visuals were cool and right outta the games as the last one. Nice touch on the cosplay of the main character from the 3rd game too.

    • Cecil:

      It always seems to go in two directions, either best thing ever or worst thing ever. Somewhere along the lines people got pissy about changing the gender of the main character and after that it was just a bitchfest. They seemed to ignore the fact that it was a damn fine film.

      The sequel was more direct and aimed at a mainstream audience but still good…just not as deep or compelling as the original. I would love for Gans to come back and do the third. They set it up at the end but they don’t necessarily have to go in that direction. I think 5 would transition over very well into a movie, unless they decide to just straight up do 2.

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