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Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama – Episode 106

Prom queen on the loose.

19 Responses to “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-rama – Episode 106”

  • Cristiona:

    It may have been the late 90s, but don’t forget about Bimbo Movie Bash, where every entry in its IMDB page is “archive footage”. Someone just spliced together a bunch of… well… bimbo movies. It’s… about what you’d expect, actually.

    As for the flick… wow. That was… holy Hell. You could build an 80’s Cheese checklist out of this movie. I also like the HGL-style tidbit towards the end, too. “Got some left over film? MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE!”

    • Cecil:

      LOL I’ve seen that. Basically, cut out all the story and just show the gore and boobs from various B movies. Brilliant!

      The movie is swimming in cheese but it realizes this and just goes with it. Gotta love a movie that isn’t trying to be something it isn’t.

      Ah the old way of doing business in the B world. (extra film? Got a few spare days? Lets make a movie! Who needs a script?) There was such a demand for content back then, as long as you had a distributer you were gold. Corman and Band were thriving during this time, they couldn’t make the movies fast enough. As much as I like the current state of movies (with things like streaming and such) I long for those old days when movies just seemed more creative.

  • Keith:

    Of course the porn obsessed nerd is named Keith, it would be that way…

  • john:

    The only non-main stream film I remember in the 80’s at least not by main stream hollywood standards like Robocop was Elvira Mistress Of The Dark and even that was not as obscure a film as this. I don’t know how big it was in the US.

    • Cecil:

      Elvira did ok in the states. Good enough to warrant a DVD release at least. I like it. Dumb but very funny and some cool FX.

  • cavalier:

    I confess to having seen this on Up All Night myself. It made me so happy to see you reviewing it.

  • Marco:

    Praises and a Metal-Salut to you! (thank you for Anthrax and Iron Mainden in the last reviews 😉 ).

    This might be not the place to request a review, but I’ll try it anyways. The intro of this review reminded me again of “I was a teenage Zombie”. Or as I saw it in our rental shop in germany: Atomic Thrill.

    I would love to see a review of this movie. It’s a full on b-Movie horror comedy and a blast a (drunken) movie nights. A friend of mine bought it after the shop got rid of it’s vhs. Sadly it seems to be lost now and hard to buy/find again.

    Look it up on youtube. I think there is just one short clip and a “music video” ;).

  • MH:

    Wish your videos were more often, and there were more of them. Plan to watch this later tonight.
    I recommend you do 1998’s “Asylum of Terror”–the worst movie I think I have ever seen. Check out the sound design on it (the sound of a human doing a cat sound to a shot of the moon suddenly cut-off because the scene changes).

    • Cecil:

      I’d love to do more, its just that pesky job that gets in the way. If ever this show takes off and I can do this for a living, expect longer shows and more frequent content. As it is now though, gotta pay the bills.

      Haven’t seen Asylum of Terror but it sounds right up my alley. I’ll check it out. 🙂

  • bastardjackyll:

    It’s funny that you picked this, I watched this documentary about Quigley, Bauer, and Stevens last week: “Screaming in High Heels”. I knew of Quigley (ROTLD is one of my FAVORITE movies) but never heard of Michelle Bauer or Brinke Stevens (at least by name, I’m sure I’d seen their “parts” in a few movies before) before I saw the doc. Its just as entertaining as that Troll II documentary that came out a while back, and a pretty awesome look at the B-Queens of 80’s & 90’s schlock.

    • Cecil:

      I forgot about this one! Thanks for the reminder, I wanted to check it out. ROTLD is also a favorite. I love parts 1 and 3, 2 is ok but just a bit…off.

      Most likely if you’ve seen any B horror in the 80s, you’ve seen those ladies’ bits.

  • Brig:

    Ugh, I really feel for that janitor. Those pesky doorknobs are the worst!

  • Steve:

    Just for the record, Michael Sonye IS Dukey Flyswatter. Michael was in several Fred Olen Ray and David DeCoteau movies from this time period, but also fronting the band Haunted Garage (under the Flyswatter moniker). He used that persona as his nom de cinema to, hopefully, promote the band. I don’t know if it worked, but he had a great henchman look. He was hired by Fred because he owned his own severed head and would bring it along for filming purposes (it was also used in Nightmare Sisters) thus saving money on special effects. These guys were go-to geniuses if you wanted to invest in a film, and have something that could play a drive-inn, grindhouse, cable and video. They made the movies quick, utilized the same group of actors (Fred once spoke about a distributor telling him he wouldn’t pick up another Jay Richards/Brinke Stevens film after Fred had delivered 5 or 6 in a row…in less than a year). David makes a large amount of work for the OUT Network, and several Syfy-style movies for that format. I like him as a person and think he’s a good director, but I prefer Fred’s work for whatever reason. Creepozoids, however, is a movie I think should be reviewed by you. It’s not good, but fairly entertaining. As always, excellent review.

    • Cecil:

      Thats freaking cool. Nice to know he went all in with it. He had the look of someone who would front a punk band for sure.

      Agreed, those guys really knew how to crank movies out on the cheap but still make them entertaining. Now there are a lot of cheap movies but most of them are pure garbage. There was a certain charm to those old FOR movies. It was like they nailed the magic formula for B movies.

      Yeah, DeCoteau has that whole 1313 series of movies, which I’m pretty sure is for OUT. Looks like he cranked out 11 movies in 2012. Good grief!

      Creepazoids is definitely on the way. Its a great little slice of trash. I did Slimeball first since it was the more well known of the bunch.

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