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Spice World – Episode 90

I know! The little Gucci dress.

25 Responses to “Spice World – Episode 90”

  • Cristiona:

    Mmm… Goth Spice. Yes please.

    • Cecil:

      I have to say in that little bit it was the best she looked…then again I’ve always had a soft spot for the “goth” look.

  • Leo:

    I enjoyed this movie when I was a kid! This film was ranked on Razzie Award founder John Wilson’s list of the “100 Funniest Bad Movies Ever” on his book “The Official Razzie Movie Guide”. The Girls even won Worst Actress for their performances and was nominated for several others including Worst Picture.

    • Cecil:

      The funny thing about the Razzies is that while most of the movies they pick are “bad” they aren’t “baaaaaaaaaaaaad”. Even they admitted the movie was fun in their other book The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made.

      Its funny that they all got worst actress.

      I still can’t believe they put The Blair Witch Project as a “worst movie”, that movie and it’s sequel are terrific.

  • john:

    I hated the Spice Girls and that whole mass market phenomenon of creating bands just to sell merchandise and make profit whose songs would be constantly played on the radio and in the media from which we gets these shows like X-Factor and Pop Idol (UK) and American Idol (US) who I don’t think they were all that particularly good looking.

    At the 3:02 mark the finger snapper is Jools Holland who hosts a music show on BBC2 were groups perform on set. Not knowing the context of the scene in the film I assume that’s why he was there.

    • Cristiona:

      It hardly started with them, though. I mean, the Monkees were a created band as well.

    • Cecil:

      I’m more disgusted by the current state of pop music. While yes, bands like the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys were created, not formed you can’t deny that they have actual talent. A good portion of today’s pop stars are pure studio creations that have no talent. The guy working the mixer should be given the grammies some of these hacks win.

      Also, while there is a nice showcase of talent in shows like American Idol, I can’t stand them and refuse to watch them. It’s nothing but a berate fest where everyone has a role to play. It’s so fake and forced it makes my teeth hurt.

      I had no idea about Jools. I totally missed the boat on that one. Oh well, even I miss now and again. Now it makes more sense that he was the manager. (I knew he was the manager but went for the joke)

  • Allison:

    Oh GOD…Spice World?! I remember renting this from the video store in late 1998 with three of my friends for a movie and pizza night we had at one of the houses. We rented Wild Things on the same night, and watched that one first. I remember saying “Oooh, Matt Dillon!” the whole time. We watched Spice World second, but after fifteen minutes or so, we were desperate to turn the movie off, we were just so dumbfounded. This movie was all levels of bad, and it is one of the only movies I have ever turned off within the first twenty minutes – the other being Love Actually in 2004 (seventeen minutes, I have a witness). I actually broke my record for the shortest viewing time ever in January over a Stargate SG-1 episode called Avenger 2.0 – eleven minutes.

    Cecil, I am impressed – after the kind of movies you have reviewed thus far, this was the most surprising. I am so glad I found your videos back in October. In my eyes, you are awesome.

    It may sound redundant, but GREAT REVIEW!

    • Cecil:

      Thank you! Believe me, I will never tire of hearing “great review”. So as long as you feel I deserve it, please send it my way. πŸ™‚

      I wanted to do this one to kind of mix things up a bit. I know I do a lot of horror and sci-fi but I don’t want to get into a rut of doing the same thing over and over. That is kind of what this show is about. I want to showcase all sorts of things, especially the unexpected. It makes it fun for me and hopefully fun for all of you.

      I sit through almost anything but every now and then something comes along that just sucks and I have to turn it off. I turned off Batman and Robin but came back a few days later and finished it. There was a movie on Netflix that I can’t even remember the name but I turned it off like 15 minutes in. I’ll have to try and think I know there are a few more.

      I’m glad you found the site as well. I appreciate the support and will have plenty of awesomeness to come. πŸ™‚

  • rocco:

    Great episode, cant wait for the S Club 7 show.

    Don’t stop, never give up
    Hold your head high and reach the top
    Let the world see what you have got
    Bring it all back to you

  • Will:

    Dude, the more I watch of your reviews, the more I think we are brothers who were seperated at birth.

    Metal? Check

    Spice Girls? Check

    Sporty Spice? Check. And I thought I was the only one!

    She has the best voice of the group and had the best solo work, art wise (not sure if it was accepted critically).

    Well done. . .again. . .


    • Cecil:


      Always good to know I’m not the only one.

      Sporty is awesome. She was the prettiest and most talented of the group. It always bugged me that she got the least amount of attention from the media. It was all Ginger and Posh. I agree Sporty also had the best voice. She knew how to belt out a tune! I believe she has also had the most successful solo career of the group.

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Mehe:

    I swore once that I’d never watch this again. Today, my mind has been changed. I hope you’re happy! (this time it’s just for the cameos though)

  • txunderball:

    Wow… during the review I could have sworn that Barry Humphries role was played by Rutger Hauer in fatsuit. Boy am I glad I was wrong. πŸ™‚

    I really don’t like this movie and I hate boyband/girl pop, but hey, I do like your review. πŸ™‚

  • Vitus:

    I have to admit this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me since I watched it countless times with my sister when I was young. Don’t ask me why, it was that time in a little boys life when all he wanted was to hang out with those older than him and dreaded the threat of my sister not allowing me to be in her room at the same time that she was. Meatloaf rules btw, in life, music, movies and in general.

  • Cuz:

    You’re review must be more entertaining than the movie. I think you’re going for a little booby yourself here, but who would blame you.

  • Rod:

    First off Cecil my respect for you and certainty that you and I are twins separated at births grows by leaps and bounds the more I look through your reviews. lol I was fortunate to be in Europe when the 90’s pop music phenomenon hit. One, regardless of my considerable amount of respect you magnificent bastard, Mel C, is, and always will be mine. You name the time and place and we will duel +5 Holy Avengers at 4 paces. Of course no spells, leather armor only, and absolutely no clerics whatsoever. If you are unable to use the Holy Avenger you may of course use your alignments equivalent. lol Two, I dont have one Spice Girl CD looking up at me between Number of the Beast and Garage Days. No sir, I have the first two. Do I like the music? Sure its catchy but on a more serious note nothing at the time, and the area I was living, would drop the lederhosen quicker of a spectacularly beautiful fraulein then those two albums. I assure you there many times Two became One and once that I will not go into here it was three becoming one. I love you Mel C! I also agree with you an for what it was the movies was really funny. They were not trying to make Casablanca for crying out loud and if they were to remake Casablanca, I sincerely doubt they would have Meatloaf as the piano player no matter how cool it may be. Keep up the great work man. Time to keep digging through more of your older videos.


    PS:Perhaps I just havent got that far yet because I know in my heart of hearts it would not be possible that there is not a review of the classic tale of the adventures of Ace Hunter, Megaforce, on this website? That would be absolutely a crime sir! lol Again awesome stuff bro, love it!!

    • Cecil:

      Thanks again!

      The Spice Girls came from a much simpler time. They all could sing and despite them being formed by a record exec to be exactly what they became (a female supergroup) they still had a sort of endearing quality. Like, these were some ladies that even though (at the time) they were the biggest act on the planet, they felt relatable. Like, you could sit down and have a normal conversation with any of them.

      Mel C is wonderful. I will be there with my vorpal sword and rod of wonder.

      No Megaforce yet but it is on the short list!

  • Rob:

    Mel B, was just on the sam roberts radio show on sirius xm, and said the newspaper ad story wasn’t true. She said 2 of band members answered an add in a paper at least a year b4 the band started but it lead no where and was a waste of time. She stressed way before the band got together. Instead the band just happened to form organically. I wonder if that was true or she was just lying.

    Also any way you can fix the links 2 ur early reviews love your site its fucking awesome and what ur doing, but a lot of the early stuff is dead.. can’t wait to watch ur gymkata review.

    • Cecil:

      As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Not doubting her but grain of salt and all that.

      Thanks! The early ones are dead because where they were hosted, Blip, is going out of business and the servers are offline. Those vids might be lost. I’m going to change the links for what I have but the first 36 may be goners.

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